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Insights On Demand - thought leadership content

Insights On Demand​ Videocast Recent Episodes

Strategic Growth Blueprint: Mastering Seamless Data Management

Dive into the world of seamless data orchestration and digital innovation with Jitterbit CMO Jayashree Rajan. We explore the intricacies of her role in guiding companies through digital transformation journeys.

Beyond the Hype: Building Practical AI Strategies for Growth

Explore the cutting-edge use of Predictive AI in today's go-to-market strategies in this compelling conversation with Melinda Byerley, founder and CEO of Fiddlehead, a digital marketing agency.

Empathy, Alignment, and Humor: Building Strong Relationships in the C-Suite

How does a seasoned CMO navigate the challenges of elongated sales cycles and the ever-evolving business landscape? Dive into this episode featuring Jake Sorofman, CMO of Visier, to unravel the mysteries of demand generation success in today's environment.

The Art of Leadership and the Science of Data in Harnessing Predictive AI

In this fascinating discussion, Dr. Cazhaow Qazaz describes his journey from being a practitioner to leading teams of data scientists, and the paramount importance of human judgment in deploying deep learning models.

Harnessing AI for Strategic Account Selection

In this engaging session, Saima Rashid, Senior VP of Marketing and Revenue Analytics at 6sense, delves into the pivotal role of analytics in marketing, the evolution of AI in sales and marketing strategies, and how data-driven approaches can significantly enhance decision-making and operational efficiency.

From BDRs to ABM: Evolving Strategies for Complex Sales Cycles

How do you adeptly navigate buying committees with multiple influencers? Marketing leader Carl Koussan-Price shares his thoughts on reshaping the role of Business Development Representatives (BDRs) to a more consultative, relationship-building force.

Budgeting for Growth : The Power of Honest Evaluation

Discover the latest insights in demand generation in this interview with Myles Madden, Director of Demand Generation for Observe.AI. We delve into Myles' fascinating journey from a background in AI and hockey to leading demand generation efforts in the dynamic world of B2B SaaS marketing.

The “Boundless Impact” of Marketing: Extending Your Company Brand by Activating Employees, Customers and Partners

How do you unlock the full potential of strategic partnerships? From orchestrating a multi-faceted team to understanding the motivations of every partner involved, Vivianne shares insights from her extensive experience, including establishing significant partnerships during her tenure at IBM.

Beyond Intent Data: Predictive AI Turns Demand Generation on Its Head

Step inside the dynamic world of predictive AI driven marketing with our latest episode of "Insights on Demand." Our guest, a seasoned AI business strategist, shares her knowledge of the intricate relationship between numbers and people from a marketing perspective.

Beyond Vanity Metrics: Evaluating True Campaign Success

In this episode, you’ll hear marketing leader Kerry Rana’s insights on blending traditional and digital techniques to boost brand recognition.

Cracking the Code: Balancing Long-Term Growth and Short-Term Sales Success

In this episode, we explore the intricate dance between long-term marketing objectives and short-term sales goals in today's rapidly evolving business landscape.

Elevating Marketing Operations: Strategies for Data Trust and Content Innovation

In this engaging interview, the Head of Marketing Operations at A10 Networks discusses key components that drive marketing operations excellence. Listen as Rahul and host Grant Bentley discuss the critical role of clean and reliable data in building trust with stakeholders.

Unlocking Authentic Connections: AI, Full Funnel, and the Future of Marketing Trust

In this insightful episode, marketing expert Katherine Lehman delves into innovative methods employed by marketing leaders to foster deep and authentic trust.

Speaking in the Language of Business Revenue

How do you make data-driven investments during tough economic conditions in order to maximize returns on your marketing investments? That is just one of the topics covered by marketing executive Amisha Gandhi in this engaging episode.

What Your Website Needs to Capture More Intent

Casey Kuktelionis, Content Marketing Manager at TrustArc, shares the approach she and her team have taken to capture interested prospects with a high level of intent.

Strategies for Acquiring New Customers in a Saturated Market

In this episode, Kim Kaminski, CMO at NS1, an IBM Company, dives into the challenges and opportunities of operating in a highly competitive market.

Optimizing Marketing Investments: Metrics and Prioritization in a Multi-Channel Environment

Thomas O’Banion, Head of Marketing at First Orion highlights the importance of an omnichannel approach in marketing, and the need to understand the target audience and their preferred channels. 

Shift Your Marketing Approach as the Buying Process Unfolds

Marketers are still learning lessons from the pivots we’ve had to make in the past few years. In this interview, Mike Vannoy, CMO and VP of Marketing Strategy at Asure, talks about the shifts he and his team made that kept the company going strong through the pandemic and afterward.

Embed Your Short-Term Marketing Strategy Into Your Long-Term One

How do you build long-term results without impacting more immediate goals? In this episode, I put that question to Eric Mizsanyi, Marketing Campaign Manager at TD SYNNEX Public Sector.

Get Close to Your Customers to Fine-Tune Your Brand Story

You’re passionate about your company’s technology, and that’s understandable. Naturally, you want to tell your potential customers all about it. But is that the best way to engage them?

Full-Funnel Fatigue? Where to Focus Your Efforts Now

In this interview, Rico Andrade, VP of Marketing at Celigo tells how his team determines where prospects are in the sales cycle and how to help companies visualize the future value of their investment.

Engineering Demand Generation to Meet Long-Range Vision

Heather Moses, Senior VP of Marketing at Nexthink, shares the strategies that she’s found successful in creating demand, dealing with the changing buyer journey – and even measuring awareness.

POV: Everything is Measurable

How do you face the challenge of producing measurable results now while also investing for future growth? Saravana Sivanandham, CMO of Absorb Software, shares his approach.

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