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According to SVP of Marketing at Five9, Contact Center Technology Transition to the Cloud Driven by Digital Transformation and the Pandemic

Understanding Customer Needs – A Perspective from Five9 I recently had the opportunity to interview Scott Kolman, SVP of Marketing at Five9, as part of an ongoing study series, sponsored…

Rules for Content Marketers to Live By

Regardless of the times or the season (or the crisis at hand), content goals remain largely unchanged; marketers still must provide buyers with messaging tailored to the questions and concerns…

How Personalization Gives Each Buying Committee Member Something to Chew On

Remember the last time you sat down and actually hand wrote a note to a good friend? As your hand danced across the page, putting down those words and sentences…

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Market Intelligence: Feeding on Intent Data Without Getting Fed Up

The recent popularity of intent data monitoring services means marketers can feed on as much intent data as they want. But what’s the best way to focus on the most relevant intent data for your business?

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