How to Effectively Balance Long and Short Term Marketing Metrics

[Video] An InsideUp Marketing Study  For B2B marketers, it can be challenging to create a strategy that balances the need for both immediate and long term results.   To gain –…

Integrated Funnel “Smarketing” at SYSPRO, interview with Kelly Kucera Vice President Marketing

The next interview conducted in this thought leadership series on sales and marketing alignment is with Kelly Kucera, VP Marketing at SYSPRO. SYSPRO is a leading global Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software provider targeting key manufacturing…

Dual Funnels and a Team-Based Approach to Sales and Marketing Alignment at ServiceMax

The next interview in this thought leadership series on sales and marketing alignment was with Pat Oldenburg, VP Demand Generation for ServiceMax. ServiceMax provides industry leading asset-centric field service management…

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Beyond the Hype: How Mature Demand Generation Teams Build Reliable Revenue Streams

Where does your company fit along the marketing maturity continuum and why are there no short-cuts when it comes to building a reliable revenue stream?

Download this whitepaper to learn more about the strategies employed by marketers of enterprise technology solutions to better engage with buying committees.


Which Data Capabilities Are Still Out of Reach for Marketers?

When top performers were asked which data capabilities they are improving over the next 12 months, 67% cited real-time availability of insights.

How Your Peers are Measuring Marketing Operations

While MOps are often the custodians of marketing measurement, how do we measure the measurers? What metrics can help determine whether MOps teams are delivering what is required of them?

How Bad Data in Your CRM Can Expose You to a Competitive Ambush

B2B markets are more competitive and faster changing than ever before. With much data to capture and analyze, there's an increased risk of attack by a stronger, savvier competitor.

What Do Enterprise CEOs Think of Their CMOs?

Some 39% graded their CMOs’ relationship/trust with the CEO an A, while 29% gave the high grade for their CMO's relationship/trust with the C-suite.

Marketing Budgets Beginning to Recover

Gartner sees marketing budgets rise as a percentage of revenue. Marketing budgets have climbed to 9.5 percent of total company revenue in 2022, an increase from 6.4 percent in 2021.

20 Ways to Make Your Marketing Team More Productive

Check out some ways to build a culture that rewards productivity. The more you repeat these good habits, the more outrageously productive you and your staff can become.

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