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How Technology Buying Committees Make Faster Decisions

How a Buying Committee is Formed
For this, the first of many articles, I have been interviewing IT Executives (e.g. CIO, CISO, SVP/IT) as part of a study program I…

A New Research Study Explores How Companies Buy Cloud-based Technology

Demand marketing has always been a noisy pursuit, but a dearth of in-person events has created even more distractions this year. Technology buyers are hearing a lot about “digital transformation”…

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Being Utilized in B2B Marketing

In recent years, we have seen a dramatic shift towards the implementation of new technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) in B2B marketing. AI is currently being used to help execute…

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Market Intelligence: Feeding on Intent Data Without Getting Fed Up

The recent popularity of intent data monitoring services means marketers can feed on as much intent data as they want. But what’s the best way to focus on the most relevant intent data for your business?

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