The Client Industry: IoT / GPS Fleet Management
InsideUp Service: Pipeline Boost

With $1.2B+ revenue, this US Fleet Management firm excels in IoT and real-time fleet optimization. Originating with temperature, GPS, and diagnostics tracking, it now provides an AI-powered platform enhancing vehicle tracking, safety, efficiency, and global sustainability.  

Operating globally across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, the company, housing 2,500 employees, impacts 12,000 customers with its award-winning approach. 



Their Challenge:

Partnering with a Trusted Agency That Discovers Real Purchase Intent 

Amid the pandemic’s supply chain challenges, the company needed to efficiently scale marketing and sales amid a driver shortage. Despite its sizeable in-house sales team, this GPS software company had an insufficient volume of qualified prospects in its sales pipeline to sustain and accelerate its planned rapid growth trajectory.  

The mid-market sales team, originally focused on deal closure and client relations, became entangled in prolonged prospecting due to disruptions. Furthermore, existing sources for qualified prospects and intent data proved suboptimal, lacking completeness.  

Account information occasionally lacked contact names, posing a significant hurdle. This inadequacy hindered the company’s ability to identify prospects genuinely interested in progressing to a sales dialogue, raising critical concerns about engagement and outreach effectiveness. 



Our Approach

Consistency and Repeatability in the Process of Prospect Nurturing 

Before the Pipeline Boost campaign began, our team leveled up its knowledge using a video-based online training system. Only those who successfully demonstrated an acceptable level of comprehension were cleared to work on the campaign. Training content included background information about the field of IoT, fleet management, solution overviews, industry reports, and white papers. 

Once trained, the team conducted data profiling to identify the type of companies that best matched the company’s ideal customer. For example, an emphasis was placed on finding commercial trucking companies that frequently used refrigerated trailers (or reefers) because of the software’s ability to remotely monitor temperature conditions inside the trailers during idle time in transit. 

We used our Predictive AI system and look-alike modelling to identify contacts and accounts that would deliver the most conversions. We then used our proprietary web-scraping technologies to extract contacts and accounts matching the client’s Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Our data team was then able to ensure that all data attributes were 100% accurate using a multitude of data sources and phone calls. 

A suppression list of named target accounts kept this outreach campaign separated from the client’s ABM efforts. Most importantly, our process ensured that we were not engaging with either a current customer or any prospect already actively engaged with them at the present time. 

Deploying smart content syndication, our team’s email template and landing page creation tool empowered the team to customize and personalize content for the campaign. With those elements in place, the team promoted this GPS company’s value proposition through a cadence of customized messages via email, phone, and social media to refine the prospect’s level of interest. 




The Results

The Scoreboard Speaks 

Our client initiated the tracking of Prospects to Opportunities Conversion Rate using a rolling 90-day window because they recognized that this metric would likely commence at a lower level in the initial month and then progressively increase with additional connection attempts.  

Over a span of eight months, the company has consistently achieved an average monthly connect rate exceeding 70% and a conversion rate from prospects to sales opportunities of 15%.  

Our proficiency in the domain of GPS fleet management, facilitated by AI-powered algorithms, empowered our team to pinpoint the most probable audience for the client’s message of fleet safety.  

We were able to consistently provide over a two thousand sales qualified prospects each quarter. This enabled their sales team to trust the process and maintain the discipline of phone attempts and outreach that resulted in an average annual sales pipeline of over $50M over a five-year period and a consistent 7x return on marketing spend.