1 in 5 CMOs Almost Never Measure Customer Lifetime Value - Marketing Charts

On the other hand, more than 3 in 4 consistently measure sales and revenues. Senior marketers anticipate significant growth in marketing spending, and they use various metrics to justify it. The latest CMO Survey indicates that engagement and sales are the metrics most frequently used.

54% of Marketers Are Failing to Fully Leverage Marketing Automation Tools | KoMarketing

Marketers have begun to implement marketing automation tools but there is still room for improvement. Some of the primary barriers to success have been data unification (38%), improving the user experience (37%) and being able to streamline marketing processes (30%).

Amid Growing Reliance, How Will Marketers Enhance Their First-Party Data? - Marketing Charts

In order to grow and enhance first-party data, close to two-thirds (63%) are growing email lists via newsletters. Indeed, marketers acknowledge the value of newsletters in the absence of third-party cookies.

Quality Data’s a Problem for Data Management Strategies, but So Are Silos - Marketing Charts

Receiving executive buy-in is less of a challenge when implementing a data unification and management strategy.

How to do ABM without an ABM tool - Part I - Heinz Marketing

Are you done investing in marketing technology for the year, yet eager to start an account-based marketing motion? Develop it and do it!

Marketing process improvement isn’t just for the tough times

At this time of year, many B2B marketers are focused on the end of their financial year or planning for 2022. Unlike their B2C cousins, process is perhaps a more familiar territory to many in B2B, especially in the demand generation and marketing operations spheres.