The Big Areas of Focus for B2B Marketers in Post-Pandemic World: Prasenjit Roy

B2B marketers will have to be much more swift, agile and responsive, embrace the new-normal and surge forward.

9 in 10 Demand Gen Marketers Believe Online Event Fatigue is Real - Marketing Charts

In 2020, B2B marketers who had once relied on face-to-face events had to look elsewhere to build pipeline — and for 8 in 10 (78%), online events were a tactic they used to fill the gap, making it by far the most common approach.

Is Brand Awareness the Missing Ingredient to Your Performance Campaigns?

Performance marketing has become every digital marketers’ buzzword but more than that, an increasingly popular marketing strategy. However, with this growth in digital spend, are marketers becoming too reliant on performance alone to hit their KPI goals? How can you justify brand awareness in your marketing mix?

These simple metrics will tell you if your startup is ready to scale – TechCrunch

Finding go-to-market fit (GTM) is a pivotal moment for a startup. It means you’ve found a repeatable formula for finding and winning lead that can be written into a repeatable GTM playbook.

Why Some CEOs Give Marketing A Blank Check

I’ve never understood why marketing budgets aren’t unlimited. To most business executives, certainly those on the financial side, that statement probably sounds like heresy. But really, how is the ROI for marketing any different than the ROI for purchasing capital equipment that shows a break-even point in two to three years? In fact, marketing usually outperforms that by far.

Lose The Funnel, Use A Loop To Engage Today's Customers

“The funnel is an incomplete, transactional model that is all about the company’s experience," says Jeff Pedowitz, President/CEO of The Pedowitz Group. “Marketing departments need to transform into thriving revenue centers, and to do that they must adopt a new model."