Rising IT Spend & Emerging Tech, Push CIO’s to Outsource More Software Development For 2021 and Beyond

Industry trends, fueled by emerging technology and investor interest, are causing CIOs of enterprises to re-evaluate their IT spending. With increased IT spend being the new normal, more CIOs are having to choose whether to hire an in-house dev team or outsource software development. Currently, outsourcing is looking like the ...


Establishing a cybersecurity framework for your business

Finding and implementing a cybersecurity risk framework is a challenge every organization faces. Time has shown that this endeavor almost always calls for the heavy lifting to be carried by chief information security officers (CISOs) and their staff. As a result, the focus of cybersecurity risk frameworks typically centers on ...


Enterprises move on from legacy approaches to software development

Enterprises that see the digital future are moving away from legacy approaches to software development and maintenance, according to ISG.


Security in 2021: What lies ahead

If there's one thing we learned in 2020, it's how to adapt. Companies compressed years-long digital transformation plans into a matter of weeks. Companies that


What Good Looks Like in Cybersecurity

Naturally, C-level executives want to know what good looks like and how to measure it. Penetration tests, internal vulnerability scans, and IT control checklists remain go-to tactics, but a new generation of tools is taking things to the next level.


5 Proven Ways to Make your Contact Center RPA Successful

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, organizations have always looked to robotic technology as a way to advance their operational efficiency.

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What Workloads Run Best on Public Clouds?

What is Cloud Computing and a Public Cloud? Cloud computing introduces the operating of workloads remotely over the internet. It is also known as the “public cloud” model wherein the…

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What is a Cloud Firewall and Is It Right for Your Network Security?

Cloud-based firewalls are cloud-deployed “virtual” network devices. Recently emerging as a new software-based technology, cloud firewalls are built to fulfil the same purpose, namely the prevention of unauthorized access to…

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Can Business Data Networks and the Internet Really Handle COVID-19 Related Traffic?

All around the world, people have been quarantining and working from home because of the on-going Covid-19 pandemic. If you are regularly accessing the internet, like many others, you may…