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How We Unearth the Silent Majority for You

In a world where only 5% of buyers actively seek digital transformation, how can SaaS leaders engage the 95% that remain unnoticed, especially amidst the cutthroat competition in cloud technology?

Enter InCapture: Powered by Predictive AI, our demand generation platform enables us to connect you with the vast expanse of potential buyers often overlooked by conventional methods. 

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Predictive AI: Demand Generation-as-a-Service (DGaaS) Reinvented​

With affordability at its core, our comprehensive campaigns address a brand’s entire Total Addressable Market (TAM), targeting both the visible and the silent majorities. This isn’t futuristic; it’s here and now, and the results speak volumes. Our InsideUp clients have witnessed a whopping 20-30% surge in their conversion rates, from an already impressive baseline of 10-15%. 

These remarkable outcomes result from our adept use of Predictive AI to reveal prospects that bypass the traditional “intent data” mold. Instead of simply targeting those openly in the market, we extend our reach, tapping into an expansive segment of likely buyers.

Predictive Artificial Intelligence (P-AI)

We are revolutionizing the field of demand generation with our proprietary predictive artificial intelligence system that allows us to identify contacts and companies most likely to have an interest in our client’s solution
This Predictive AI capability leverages look-alike statistical modeling techniques and ingests historical, omni-channel firstparty and third-party engagement data. It then uses machine learning algorithms to identify patterns and relationships within the data and make predictions based on those patterns for both inmarket and out-of-market buyers. We have been actively training this model using a large, anonymized data set (containing tens of millions of separate digital behaviors and phone conversations collected over the past ten years) to help us deliver accurate predictions.

Data Management System

Every successful demand generation campaign depends on good data. Our Data Management System helps deliver both the highest quality and quantity of data for your campaign.
It features access to a comprehensive database of cloud technology decision-makers, assembled using diverse data sources and methods.
It also enables us to update records in real-time as part of our continuous data cleansing process, ensuring that we’re always working with the best data for your campaign.

Campaign Orchestration System

Our proprietary InCapture platform supports the entire demand generation process. Every campaign is created with the help of this module, which prompts our staff to provide all the necessary client information and details for all phases of the campaign.
While the Workflow Automation System (see below) manages the various stages of the demand generation process, the Campaign Orchestration System ensures that the data and qualified prospects we deliver to you meet stringent campaign specifications.

Marketing Automation System

The content syndication technology within our InCapture platform enables us to build, launch, and track a complete direct marketing campaign customized for your unique value proposition and featuring your unique content.

Advanced capabilities such as enhanced email deliverability and channel attribution enable us to calibrate your campaign for maximum impact. And with real-time performance visibility, we can optimize your campaign on the fly. 

Content Management System

Every InsideUp client has access to an account portal within InCapture that enables you to upload and maintain content assets of various types, such as white papers, eBooks, brochures, recorded webinars or videos, on our system. We use this built-in content management system to quickly and effectively tailor emails and landing pages for your review and approval.

Marketing Qualified Leads

Sales Engagement System

After the direct marketing phase of your campaign, it’s time to re-target the most promising prospects in the nurturing phase. That’s where InCapture’s Sales Engagement System comes in.

Using this system, we promote your unique value proposition through a sequence of personalized messages via email, phone call, and social media that refine the level of interest expressed by each contact.

Every tactic in the cadence can be completely customized. Your messaging and value propositions are incorporated into the content, and emails can be personalized using any target attribute in our database – something that would require a sophisticated stack of technology to achieve using an in-house campaign.

Online Training

It only makes sense that the people who work on your campaign should be fully versed in your solution. At InsideUp, we utilize an online learning management system that lets us easily create a customized set of courses to train the team working on your campaign.

The system guides trainees through the materials in a recommended sequence, administers quizzes to test their knowledge, and grades the results. Only those who successfully complete the curriculum and demonstrate an acceptable level of comprehension are cleared to work on your campaign.

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Data-Driven Precision for a Continuous Cycle of Excellence​

At InsideUp, we’ve infused Predictive AI into our proprietary multi-channel engagement data, encompassing speech, sentiment analytics, technographics, and more. Our meticulous methodology ensures every step, from data collection to actionable insights, is fine-tuned for maximum efficacy.

We pride ourselves on a seamless data journey. Beginning with data collection, moving through integration and rigorous AI training, our process is laser-focused on identifying and nurturing untapped market segments.

Are you ready to harness the power of Predictive AI and redefine your demand generation strategy? Experience what the InsideUp team, supported by our groundbreaking Predictive AI technology, can do for you!

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