The Client Industry: Cybersecurity
InsideUp Service: Pipeline Build

Founded nearly three decades ago, this client with over $650 million in revenue delivers outstanding threat identification and dynamic threat defense on an enterprise scale across multiple platforms.

This company of over 1,200 employees is a perennial leader in international cybersecurity industry’s Anti-Virus (AV) Comparatives’ Endpoint Prevention and Response Test. Its efficacy and strong value proposition have given the company a strong foothold with over 5,000 enterprise companies seeking multi-user endpoint security in the US, Europe and Asia.



Their Challenge

Getting on the Short List of Key Corporate Decision Makers 

The rapid expansion of today’s enterprise network landscape has taken the responsibility for endpoint security out of the hands of end-user support departments and moved it upstream to the executive level. The company needed to foster executive awareness of its cybersecurity offerings for the entire enterprise information ecosystem. 

Despite a strong user base and its industry accolades, the company faced challenges building awareness with these buying committee members. Its sales team required accurate, up-to-date, information identifying each prospect’s primary decision makers to effectively drive its marketing efforts, especially in the high-turnover corporate information security sector.   

These decision influences must be identified because certain enterprise SaaS solutions cannot be sold through a single department (such as IT). 

To navigate the demand generation process in the competitive US market, this cybersecurity company reached out to us because we are experts in executing marketing campaigns that require a strong knowledge of the cybersecurity space. 



Our Approach

Provide Data Recency and Accuracy for Strong Campaign Performance 

As part of its Pipeline Build offering for this client, we dedicated a data team to research and identify the right stakeholders and job titles within the IT chain of command who typically influence the selection of enterprise-wide threat detection and response solutions. 

This client appreciated the fact that our InCapture platform, which is hosted on the AWS public cloud, enables secure transmission during the storage and processing of all data. Access to our systems is role-based, using encrypted passwords, and continuously monitored.  

Security awareness training is required for all InsideUp employees. Not only do we conduct periodic vulnerability scans on all company servers, but we have also replicated our production database, established fail-over servers and completed an incident response plan in the unlikely event of a data breach. 

Once the primary decision makers and likely influencers for a cybersecurity solution were identified, we began a comprehensive verification process. The team checked third-party resources to augment discovered data and verify critical information. Finally, to further ensure the accuracy of the prospect data, we manually verified all ambiguous or missing contact data by phone. 

Using pre-defined posting instructions, we then submitted each data record to our client’s system in real-time as soon as the information was verified. 




The Results

Fresh Data Fuels New Connections 

The cybersecurity company’s marketing team reported a 23% increase in direct contact opens and a 15% increase in click-through rates on email campaigns using our data sets. Its webinar registrations are up 30% year-over-year. 

As a result of our data provision, this client has many fresh, accurate data records of corporate influencers and decision-makers for cybersecurity who can greenlight and implement their solution.