A venture-backed (over $700 million in funding) pioneer in cloud-native software enabling business-critical data resilience and backup solutions, this client provides data protection for corporate data centers, public clouds, SaaS applications and endpoint devices both on and off protected networks, as a single-point, centralized alternative to traditional backup systems. They have over 1,500 employees and annual revenue exceeding $300 million. 



Their Challenge

Maximize an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Program 

One-to-one ABM nurturing is a drain on sales resources and one-to-many ABM nurturing features content that is too generic to resonate. Intent data only provide signals of company names on an ABM target list whose employees are showing online behaviors (search terms used, event participation and content downloads). This online behavior may indicate the companies they work for are in-market buyers, but it doesn’t identify the contact’s name and what their role is in the decision-making process. 



Our Approach

Combining Content Marketing and Direct Contact to Assess Sales Readiness 

First, we immediately aligned with the company’s goals. To propagate the client’s name and value proposition across the market, our demand generation team mobilized to deliver the Pipeline Boost service focused on a two-pronged approach combining performance marketing and syndicated content with an account-based marketing (ABM) approach. 

Utilizing InCapture, our proprietary suite of data tools, we were able to rapidly create data sets matching the ABM target list and identify which of these information-intensive companies were likely to upgrade to the client’s centralized data backup and recovery solutions. 

To ensure each candidate suited the client’s criteria, we evaluated their responses to our marketing automation system with pre-defined scorecards to identify the highest scoring results. 

Building on the brand awareness created by the content campaign and using a Predictive AI engine to score engagement data coming out of that campaign, our team began nurturing prospects using our in-house cadence system. Each high-scoring prospect was contacted directly by an experienced global team, including US, of solution consultants and qualified as to their level of sales readiness for the client’s solution.  

Our solution consultants used a proprietary Generative AI system to present features and benefits of our client’s solution based on the role and industry of the prospect with whom they were conversing. 

Finally, with all the information in place, our verification team used a custom verification scorecard, third-party data tools and a review of live recordings to ensure the integrity and compatibility of the prospect with the client’s goals before posting the information in real time. 




The Results

A New Peak in Conversion Rates 

As companies faced increasing cybersecurity threats, our campaign (focused on the ability of cloud data systems to mitigate ransomware attacks) kept our client’s solution in the spotlight. 

The 9K prospects delivered, along with the detailed background information provided by our team resulted in higher conversion rates than our client had seen from any comparable prospect stream. 

InsideUp’s qualified, consistent, and highly relevant information resulted in a conversion rate from prospect to sales opportunity that hit a monthly average of 15%. In one year, the cloud-native backup solutions provider saw a pipeline multiplier on their marketing spend with us of 9x per dollar invested and $3.5 million of sales pipeline.