The Client Industry: Collaboration
InsideUp Service: Pipeline Build

Synonymous with on-screen creative endeavors and physical printed media for decades, this client with over
25,000 employees has led the charge in determining how companies and individuals manage documents, use digital media, and create websites. 

Its software products have changed the web and defined the multimedia experience. The company, now over $15 billion in annual revenue, also accelerated the transformation in how people purchase, use, and update their software subscriptions when it migrated its entire creative software offering to a cloud-delivered subscription model. 

For such a large enterprise, their growth rate has still been strong at an average rate of 11% over the past 5 years. 



Their Challenge

How to Gain Traction in a New Niche 

Slotted into a creative niche due to its devout following of designers and content creators, the document management solution provider realized that despite its popularity, it had little traction with enterprise buying committees. 

Despite being the go-to toolset for many niche employees, the brand’s generalized collaboration tool was often overlooked by enterprise or mid-to-large size organizations as a viable means to manage the approval cycle of electronic documents.

To close the gap, the company needed to locate and connect with business managers, IT stakeholders, and decision makers in the market for a transactional enterprise collaboration solution. Specifically, they wanted to target accounts that were familiar with its brand and had previously purchased its products. 

But there was a problem. The content syndication infrastructures of the company’s legacy paid media resources were incapable of generating prospects that met stringent target account criteria. 



Our Approach

Customizing ABM Program Requirements 

Seeking a partnership that would meet their key requirement, this company contacted InsideUp, one of the first demand generation agencies to address Account-Based Marketing (ABM) requirements. 

Using InCapture, our proprietary marketing automation platform, we were able to easily meet the client’s primary criteria and deliver intent data through the Pipeline Build program 

After conducting a discovery session to clarify requirements, it was clear to us that we needed to target prospects at the managerial level and above. Because enterprise collaboration software is a cross-functional, interdepartmental solution, it requires significant stakeholder buy-in and supervisory review. 

A dedicated data team was assembled to research job titles likely to be involved in the decision-making process for collaboration infrastructure and document workflow. Missing elements in extracted data records were subsequently appended electronically from a range of strategic data sources that, over the years, have proven to meet our standards for quality, recency and accuracy 

Finally, US-based solution experts directly verified the information by phone to ensure data integrity in the face of frequent changes in company affiliations. 

Throughout the campaign, the team refreshed and added intelligence on each account, ensuring this collaboration software provider received up to three contacts per account. 




The Results

Widening the Funnel 

Our efforts resulted in an increase of 71% in the number of engaged contacts across its account list. This campaign contributed to an average cost of customer acquisition of $870 for a collaboration product with a customer lifetime value of over eight thousand dollars. The company engaged contacts on corporate buying committees, got onto more selection shortlists, and closed more business.