The Predictive AI Advantage in Demand Generation

Can a Machine Learning model fed with proprietary multi-channel engagement data redefine demand generation? Read our whitepaper, From Intent Data to Actionable Insights: The Predictive AI Advantage in Demand Generation for a look at this revolutionary technology. 

Cutting-edge Predictive AI delves deeper than standard predictive models, analyzing numerous data points to identify ideal customers, even those not actively searching, and tap into the hidden 95% of a company’s Total Addressable Market (TAM).

Download the whitepaper for insights into the training of a Predictive AI engine, and learn how you can bid farewell to models that merely identify hand-raisers. 


  • Executive Overview 
  • Why It Matters 
  • The Predictive AI Build vs. Buy Decision 
  • What Influenced Our Decision to Build 
  • General Principles When Applying Predictive AI to Business Use Cases 
  • Summary 

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