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Entering a New Chapter for Tackling IoT and 'The Edge' - InformationWeek

As more organizations adopt edge computing, they are also confronting new challenges. Among them are IoT and edge integration, security, support, durability and bandwidth.

Article Cloud Computing

Assess and adapt: Cloud computing in 2021

69 percent of corporate directors want to accelerate enterprise digital strategies and implementations to help deal with the ongoing disruption of the pandemic.

Article Cloud Computing

Understanding the Importance of Cloud Computing in 2021

By the year 2021, cloud computing will be more accessible, more agile, and competitive in the fast-paced customer landscape.

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What Workloads Run Best on Public Clouds?

What is Cloud Computing and a Public Cloud? Cloud computing introduces the operating of workloads remotely over the internet. It is also known as the “public cloud” model wherein the…

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What Computing Workloads Should Migrate to a Public Cloud?

The public cloud computing market has become a multi-billion-dollar business, and, as it continues to grow, enterprises are leveraging it more and more. According to a report by International Data…