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Five Ways AI is helping to reduce supply chain attacks on DevOps teams

The good news is that AI is showing signs of identifying and slowing down – but not completely stopping – intrusions and breaches aimed at CI/CD pipelines.


Windows Zero-Day Exploited by North Korean Hackers in Rootkit Attack

North Korean group Lazarus exploited Windows driver zero-day CVE-2024-21338 for privilege escalation in attacks involving FudModule rootkit.          


IBM’s Introduces Data Path Ransomware Detection In New FlashSystem

IBM's new FlashSystem AI-enhanced capabilities bolster data resilience against ransomware and other cyber threats.                                    


Why Do We Need Endpoint Security in 2024?

Before understanding the need for endpoint security, let’s make you see through a recent study on the same. Around 68% of businesses experienced a targeted endpoint attack that compromised their IT infrastructure.


Palo Alto Networks Alleviates the Cost of Switching from Legacy Endpoint Security Solutions to Cortex XDR

Palo Alto Networks is offering a new Cortex platform capability for endpoint security, assisting customers to accelerate “platformization” and improve their endpoint protection. Organizations struggle to prevent, detect, and respond to the continuous ...


Getting AI Right for Security: 5 Principles

By Kevin Kennedy, SVP Products, Vectra AI Now more than ever, companies need effective security solutions. The cost of global cybercrime is projected to grow by seventeen percent each year, reaching a


1Password expands its endpoint security offerings with Kolide acquisition

1Password, the AgileBits-owned password management software developer, today announced that it has acquired Kolide, an endpoint security platform, for an undisclosed amount. According to 1Password CEO Jeff Shiner, Kolide founder and CEO Jason Meller and ...

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Importance of Security Operations Centre in Cyber Security

Cyber security threats are becoming more and more challenging to detect and mitigate and even more common and dangerous in their types. According to a research study on the Cost…