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What Tech Execs Can Learn From 2023’s Most Notable Cybersecurity Breaches

Tech execs should use lessons learned from the top 100 cybersecurity breaches in 2023 to tighten their practices in their security programs to avoid befalling similar issues.


Snowflake and the Continuing Identity Threat Detection Gap Across SaaS and Cloud

By Adam Koblentz In recent weeks, a new wide-scale identity security incident has been unfolding that is refocusing the spotlight on important questions such as: Why are account takeover, credential misuse,


Google Issues Critical Update For Millions Of Pixel Users

Google again trails Samsung this month, with details of its June security update only just out. Unlike Samsung, though, this month’s Pixel update includes multiple critical updates, and a fix for a high-severity vulnerability Google says “may be under limited, targeted exploitation.” View this as an update now warning ...


Pax8 offers MSPs a leg-up into cyber security

Cloud commerce marketplace provider Pax8 is offering resources and tools to help partners establish their own cyber security practices. Based on the CIS Control Framework, from the Centre for Internet Security,


16 DevSecOps Trends Shaping The Future Of Software And Cybersecurity

AI-Driven Security Is Automating Threat Detection And Response One trend in DevSecOps is the integration of AI-driven security, which will significantly enhance both software ... data. Dynamic, fine-grained access can help minimize such risk.


Cyber Lingo: What is pretexting in cyber security?

Pretexting in cyber security is commonly used but not widely known. When employees don’t know what pretexting is – or how convincing it can be – it makes them more vulnerable to the tricks of a cyber criminal.


The Serious Risks Of IT Sprawl And How To Solve Through Simplification

Solving IT sprawl is a critical step toward creating a secure, efficient and scalable foundation critical for success today.                          

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Importance of Security Operations Centre in Cyber Security

Cyber security threats are becoming more and more challenging to detect and mitigate and even more common and dangerous in their types. According to a research study on the Cost…