Sales Leadership Unleashed Webinar

Decoding ABM: Uniting Sales and Marketing for Adaptive Growth and Attribution Harmony

Get a fresh perspective on Account-Based Marketing (ABM) from sales and business development leader Richie Narain in this exclusive interview.  Host Grant Bentley’s conversation with Richie uncovers the collaborative strategies that fuel ABM success. They explore the dynamic interplay between sales, marketing, and operations teams. You’ll also gain insights into attribution dynamics that challenge the status quo, fostering a unified effort that maximizes revenue impact.  

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Our host for the Sales Unlimited Webinar has extensive experience in sales development and also working with sales leadership at many cloud technology companies.


Grant Bentley

Strategic Account Director
at InsideUp

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    • Richie Narain

      "InsideUp’s mid-market  and enterpise leads consistently got our foot in the door, opening up conversations with qualified prospects we simply couldn't reach on our own. Their extremely effective approach for identifying and engaging ideal prospects rapidly supercharged our pipeline. They delivered highly targeted leads that aligned perfectly with our selling strengths."

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