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Live Streaming and Video Conferencing is a Must for Businesses in 2020

Businesses are evolving from conducting webinars to running live streams. With 28% investing more in live streaming, it has become a widely popular free resource for a large group of…

Blog Video Conferencing

Can Video Conferencing Make Sales Calls More Effective?

As more and more organizations around the world offer work-from-home flexibility to their employees, sales professionals are learning ways to adapt and connect with customers and prospects. Fortunately, there’s an…

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From academia to acquisition – the journey of computer vision startup GrokStyle - TechHQ

Kavita Bala shares with TechHQ the journey of how her academic research to an essential computer vision tool bolstering Facebook Marketplace.

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9 Steps To Hosting A Great Virtual Conference

With the cancellation of physical events, companies have been scrambling to host their annual conferences virtually. We spoke to marketing leaders who made the leap to digital events to uncover nine ways to help you plan your virtual conference.

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Tencent to launch a live streaming service rivaling Amazon's Twitch - TechHQ

The live streaming landscape is on track to grow at an unprecedented pace as tech giants like Tencent and Amazon are perfecting live streaming services.

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How to Be Comfortable on Video: 16 Fool-Proof Tips

If you're camera shy or an introvert, the idea of being on video can be downright terrifying. Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to get comfortable—and even feel confident—on camera.