The Client Industry: Unified Communications

With a myriad of choices available in the field of cloud communications, this client with over 2,000 employees, $700M in revenue and over 50,000 customers has been able to establish a differentiated position as an early proponent of the trend towards making contact centers the gateway to unified communication decision-makers at target companies. 

This client’s ability to easily involve any company employee in solving a customer concern or taking advantage of a buying signal in real time is a key driver of their average growth rate of 15% over the last 5 years. 



Their Challenge

Getting Their Unique Message Seen by the Right Targets 

This company’s message is that the best contact center solution connects to subject matter experts on the back end. They needed to get this message in front of the best corporate targets and properly nurture those prospects to the point of requesting a sales discussion.   

Unfortunately, while inbound traffic showed a high conversion rate, the budget earmarked for paid search to achieve the top-down growth rate was simply insufficient. 

What was needed was a combination of targeted data extraction and compelling content targeting the right decision makers who are working for the most likely buyers and willing to consider a better unified communications solution. 


Our Approach

Combining Data Expertise with the Craft of Storytelling 

The primary focus of the Pipeline Create program was placed on industries that require a great deal of customer engagement. Targets within these industries – particularly those managing an established team of contact center agents – would naturally be more receptive to a message about improving customer experience through a connected contact center. 

Next, we identified job titles associated with team leaders involved with selecting contact center services. Emphasis was placed on small, mid-market and enterprise companies with a propensity for selecting cloud-based technology. 

All these attributes allowed our dedicated data team to input the personas that enabled our data profiling technology to identify a sufficient pool of prospects for this campaign. Predictive AI was also used to find “look-alike” companies that exhibited the same characteristics. 

Finally, we crafted a series of customized messages that supported the story of how to compete more effectively in a field where customer engagement is key. 

Our intent monitoring technology kept track of the engagement that was exhibited in real time and, once these prospects were verified, they were immediately delivered for follow-up. 



The Results

Less is More 

By concentrating external content syndication on targeted data and relying on the storytelling of our campaign professionals, this client was able to expand its multi-channel nurturing approach to include webinar invites, social media posts and phone outreach. 

The client was able to double their engagement response from follow-on campaigns to 12%. By working with more targeted intent data, they were able to develop the kind of interest that strongly resonated with the client’s value proposition.