This cloud hosting leader pioneered workload migration to the cloud. With $500M funding, 1400+ employees, and $300M revenue, they now offer managed services enabling IT efficiency, security, and cloud competence.  

Partnerships with VMware, Dell EMC, and public clouds allow smooth virtualized workload migration. Their private cloud hosting helps fast-growing SaaS companies implement reliable, scalable solutions. Having powered major SaaS providers, their business has grown 43% annually over three years.



Their Challenge

Enticing Customers to Think Beyond the Three Major Public Clouds

This company needed to present enough differentiation in their hosting capabilities to encourage prospects to look past the three major public cloud players (AWS, Azure and Google) when migrating workloads to the cloud. 

The key to success was in adjusting the focus toward the company’s expertise in project management and administrative procedures, often a deciding factor for their potential customers. Now, with a differentiating message in hand, the question was how to get it in front of the right IT influencers and cloud architects. 




Our Approach

Speaking to the Business Buyer, Not Just the IT Practitioner 

Our client needed to get prospects past the hype cycle and onto a discussion around the best solution for their use case. We syndicated their most relevant content assets and launched a Pipeline Boost campaign to bring greater visibility to the client’s service portfolio. 

Any missing elements in the data records were appended in real time from a range of strategic data sources that, over the years, have proven to meet our standards for quality, recency and accuracy. Where discrepancies existed, our team verified data through outbound calls.   

Using our content syndication platform, we were able to quickly frame the client’s content to resonate with business managers who saw the need to change the status quo.  

Intent monitoring kept track of recipient interest and a Predictive AI engine scored data to be placed in a subsequent nurturing cadence with solution consultants who conducted live conversations with those contacts showing the highest updated data scores. Qualified prospects were posted to the client’s marketing automation platform in real time as they were captured. 


The Results

Cloud “Fit” Becomes a Greater Part of the Workload Migration Story 

Our client experienced a 30% increase in the conversion rate from marketing qualified prospects to sales accepted buyers attributed to us. Our expertise in cloud computing enabled us to focus on the most likely audience for our client’s message of cloud migration guidance and hosting flexibility. 

Having spent the last ten years in dialogues with IT system planners and architects on topics ranging from data backup to cybersecurity, there was an element of familiarity with our communication approach that this audience appreciated. 

Despite the daunting level of advertising spent by three of their largest competitors, we were able to help this client by pinpointing the types of companies that were ready to move their workloads to the cloud but still needed the guidance of an expert in hosting solutions. The pipeline value generated from the campaign equaled over eight times their marketing investment.