If you are working with a demand generation agency, lead scoring and lead qualifying will have already been done by that agency. Nevertheless, it still takes several touches to close a B2B sale—up to a dozen, and sometimes more.   Plan on spending at least some time nurturing your leads.  However, many businesses still have no real process in place for nurturing leads. Such an oversight can translate into a great deal of lost revenue.

You can put your company at an advantage by taking the time out right now to develop an effective lead nurturing system.  For your nurturing campaigns to be successful, your sales and marketing teams must better understand the process and become motivated to give these “slower to buy” leads the attention they need if they are to become your customers.

Learn how to strengthen and refine your lead nurturing process. Get tips to help you capture sales and boost ROI including:

  • 4 Key Questions to Help You Get Started in Lead Nurturing
  • How to Educate Prospects While Creating Trust & Loyalty
  • 3 Important Questions You Must Answer for Your Prospect

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  • Executive Summary
  • Why Lead Nurturing is so Important
  • Lead Nurturing Insights
  • Four Questions to Help You Get Started in Lead Nurturing
  • Effective Nurturing Through the Sales Cycle and Beyond

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