Sales Pipeline Radio, Episode 301: Q & A with Casey K Carey @caseycarey - Heinz Marketing

This week’s show is called “Managing and Measuring Marketing Performance“. Matt and Casey are talking it out. Talking about OKRs, talking about crazy cool marketing performance. Check it out.

Talent Gap Hinders Marketers’ Use of AI - Marketing Charts

About half of marketers surveyed say hiring more talent with AI skills is one of their biggest challenges in implementing AI capabilities.

How To Build Better B2B Relationships In The Virtual Age

More than 75% of buyers and sellers now prefer remote human engagement and digital self-serve options over in-person interactions. Here are a few principles to help you establish and build rewarding and long-lasting relationships with your prospects and customers.

Is ABM Having An Impact on Marketing-Generated Revenue? - Marketing Charts

Some 1 in 5 B2B marketers surveyed say that, compared to other programs, ABM is the most important for producing revenue.

MarTech Abounds, but Are Marketers Happy With Their Results? - Marketing Charts

More than two-fifths of marketers surveyed say they use 4 or more marketing tools to run and/or measure a campaign.

Marketing automation implementation - where to begin?

The c suite has signed off on your marketing automation business case and you’re raring to implement the...