Speed is Still Tops for Online CX - Marketing Charts

Speed plays a vital role in online customer experience. Some 83% of consumers say the ability to quickly accomplish what they came to do on a website is one of the most important things companies can do to create a good online experience, according to a recent report from FullStory. Marketers have been concerned about… Read More »

CX Decision-Makers Invest in Tech to Embed Customer Insights Throughout the Organization

Customer experience remains a priority for businesses this year, with close to 9 in 10 customer experience (CX) decision-makers identifying improving CX as a critical (40%) or high (46%) priority in the next 12 months. The largest portion (44%) of respondents plan to do this by making new tech investments.

85% of B2B Marketers Not Spending Enough Time on Content Amplification | KoMarketing

As B2B marketers look for more ways to get their content into the hands of customers, they may want to focus their efforts on amplification.

Embracing hybrid workstyles: Successful companies will recognise that ‘one size fits all’ no longer works

Before the pandemic, Americans spent 5% of working time at home. By spring 2020 the figure was 60%. Today, the average employee wants to work from home nearly half the time. Successful companies will adapt to this as an opportunity, not resist it as a threat.