What is email marketing and how are platforms helping brands succeed?

All email platform providers send emails, but their technologies – both software and hardware – and approaches for doing so can differ.

36% of Marketers Still Find It ‘Extremely Difficult’ to Access Data and Analytics

As data and analytics continue to grow in importance, marketers still struggle with everything from accessing it to maintaining its accuracy.

Why we care about marketing agencies

Agencies are an essential part of the marketing and advertising eco-system. There's a cost to their services, of course, but in a number of cases it will be worth it.

How B2B Marketers Can Activate First-party Data in their CDP

When data is unified in customer profiles, a better picture emerges. Marketers can act on this data by making engagement more personalized and efficient.

B2B Companies Need Deep Learning ‘Therapy’ to Overcome Data Challenges

Companies are anxious about being denied cookies, but what they should really be concerned about has much less to do with tracking anonymous users.


InCapture Platform Supports ABM Campaign When Others Can't

InsideUp MarketingConnect program quickly expanded the list of buying committee contacts in a set of target accounts using assets that described a new e-signature solution from an established provider of software applications for creative professionals. The number of interested contacts went up by 15%.

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AI Model Training Gets a New Best Friend

To resolve the current bottleneck in processing huge datasets, our client launched a next generation chipset, making it available both on-premise and on a SaaS basis. The InsideUp team syndicated key pieces of content through the MarketingConnect program that both introduced the vendor's purpose-built system for training AI models and highlighted the advantages of a SaaS model to access this technology.

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