B2B Marketers Seek Advanced Metrics to Prove Their Worth

CMOs are feeling pressure to prove their value to others in the C-suite. That's one reason B2B marketers are focusing on a need for deeper metrics.

Measuring the Invisible: The Truth About Marketing Attribution

Is marketing attribution a myth or reality? Here are three tips for doing attribution as well as it can be done.

Email Marketers Seeing Open and Click-through Rates Rise

Marketers who use email have seen their delivery rate fall over the past year, but open rates and click-through rates have begun to rise.

Business Video Completion Rates and Other Video Benchmarks

Despite an increase in longer videos, completion rates rose last year. The average across all videos analyzed was 54%, up from 45% the year prior.

How to Manage Email Addresses in a Customer Data Platform

The CDP implementation requirement guidelines in this article can help you uncover the right solution for your unique requirements.

Education, Consistency and Patience: The Keys to Retaining Your Customers

A single sale doesn’t guarantee the conversion to repeat business. Consider these qualities as core pieces of your customer retention strategy.


Cloud Migrations Discussed in Terms of Business Outcomes

InsideUp MarketingConnect program reached out to not just IT practitioners, but business buyers, to help a cloud hosting services company differentiate itself from the three major public cloud vendors. Conversions from MQLs to sales accepted leads jumped nearly 30%.

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Structured Connection Sequence Wrings Out 12% Conversions

The InsideUp SalesConnect program was able to consistently provide a large number of sales qualified leads that enabled the vendor sales team to trust the process and maintain the discipline of phone attempts and outreach that resulted in an outstanding return on their marketing spend. The marketing of GPS Fleet Management software never looked so good.

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