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Transaction Per Month:

Average Ticket:

Discount Rate:

Transaction Fee:

Statement Fee:

Monthly Minimum:
Qualified Fees:

Transaction Fees:

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Discount Rate (%)

This is the percentage rate you have been quoted as paying for your transactions. It will be around 1.69% for retail businesses and 2.30% for Mail Order/Telephone order/Internet businesses.

Transaction Fee ($):

This is the fee you will pay every time you process atransaction. For a retail business this can very from 10 - 25 and for Mail Order/Telephone order/Internet businesses it can be from 22 to 35. Mail Order/Telephone order/Internet businesses need to include their AVS fee, if any, to their transaction fee since it is always charged on every transaction.

Statement Free ($):

This is the monthly fee you will pay for having your merchant account. It covers the merchant account statement you will receive every month and usually customer support as well. This is typically around $10.00.

Monthly Minimum ($):

This is a fee that you are charged if you do not incur enough fees each month. It is added on to whatever fees you are charged for the month.It typically is $25 per month.

Transactions Per Month

This is the numder of transaction you expect to process each month by credit card only.

Average Ticket

This is how much your average sale price is. To determine this take your monthly sales volume and divide it by your monthly number of transactions

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