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InsideUp Evolves Its Platform as More SMBs Adopt SaaS Solutions

San Diego, CA - November 14, 2014 - - InsideUp, leader in customer acquisition for business services and software vendors, announced today that initiatives launched this year, designed to help companies that offer cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, have contributed to significant company growth. InsideUp has subsequently enhanced its marketing system to target the SMB market with SaaS offerings from its client companies.

SaaS solutions are rapidly supplanting conventional remote services in categories such as HR Management, Contact Center Management, and other business functions. InsideUp's latest SaaS initiative leverages the opportunities created by this shifting market.

"Emerging SaaS vendors in these areas require flexible marketing and customer acquisition programs," said InsideUp CEO Asad Haroon. "And programs like SalesConnect, which provides sales-ready leads who want to start using our clients' software, and MarketingConnect, which delivers exclusive marketing-ready leads, are a perfect fit."

Using the latest in data science (InsideUp's proprietary data profiling technology) the system tailors client offers based on the needs, interests, and buying cycle of each targeted business to generate real-time demand.

Sizing the SaaS Opportunity in the SMB Market Segment

Insights from SMB Landscape reveal the cloud market in the U.S. SMB segment is valued at $19 billion and is expected to increase to $32 billion by 2016. A report by Siemler also found that several SaaS companies had raised more than $20 million pre-IPO. The number of SaaS vendors who have received VC funding over the past few years has increased; research by Compass revealed that nearly 50% of SaaS related startups have received funding, stimulating greater demand for more effective customer acquisition platforms like the one provided by InsideUp.

Most SaaS companies feature disruptive technologies, so conventional lead generation models do not fit the needs of their sales process. Cloud and mobility are key drivers of investment for SMBs, especially since 90% of owners and managers use smartphones and 65% access data using tablets. But penetrating this market remains a challenge for many software providers. Educating SMBs regarding the benefits of cloud-based technology is a vital first step, and the InsideUp platform addresses this need by targeting, connecting with, and educating business owners and purchasing managers regarding SaaS technology and its business benefits.

InsideUp's custom designed system connects SMBs in need of such services with InsideUp vendors. The company's dynamic partner system maximizes revenue by publishing and fulfilling demand in real time using its partner network. InsideUp's powerful direct marketing system incorporates data profiling and marketing automation to effectively target SMBs that are hungry for SaaS solutions

About InsideUp, Inc.

InsideUp provides an integrated, performance-based marketing platform that readily adapts to the buying processes of small and medium business (SMB). Powered by its proprietary SMB marketing platform, InsideUp helps its clients to easily acquire customers and meet their ROI goals. By nurturing the interest of business decision makers through data profiling, omnichannel marketing automation, direct marketing, compelling content and a dynamic partner network, InsideUp helps clients generate prospects and provides technology-enabled services to assist in converting these prospects into customers.

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