This major public company with over $5 billion in annual revenue, nearly 20,000 employees, and a growth rate surpassing 25%, offers a suite of cloud-native enterprise software.

Specializing in core finance, human resources, planning, spend management, and analytics modules, its mission is to assist more than 10,000 service-oriented customers in consolidating operational and transactional data for a unified view.


The Challenge

Identifying the Right Role to Target 

Our client needed to identify companies potentially interested in consolidating their data sources and the individuals responsible for doing so.  

Buying committee members were also identified. This was an essential step as certain cloud technology solutions that target mid-market and enterprise companies cannot be sold through a single department (such as IT).  Our client needed to identify individual contacts who could offer a legitimate entry point to the process of implementing a new back-end infrastructure.   

The office of the CFO, with the assistance of the HR director and corporate IT, was identified as the most likely department to embark on a path of selecting key enterprise software to support digital transformation efforts.



Our Approach

Find Financial Managers with Vision and Start a Dialogue

Having represented cloud-based technology providers for many years, we could access a large pool of enterprise and medium-sized companies who value the solution referrals they’ve received because of our educational approach.    

Our Pipeline Boost service relies on a continuous data cleansing process, including data append and data verification (human-powered work supported by proprietary technology when necessary). Every data record in our database is refreshed, on average, every six months.  

This proven data hygiene process provided the accurate, timely contact data our client needed.  

To identify targets, we leveraged several underlying processes that power our proprietary InCapture platform. Our dedicated data team researched job titles (primarily in Finance and IT) likely to be involved in the decision-making process for a comprehensive cloud-based ERP system.  

From there, our highly experienced global team, including US based solution consultants with years of experience in cloud-based enterprise software engaged with and qualified prospects for our client and provided the intelligence they needed to establish the proper hand-off with their sales team.  

In summary, our combination of data profiling, widespread content syndication and personal engagement delivered more qualified prospects to the client’s sales development team who were ready to start a dialogue with our client.




The Results

Brand Recognition is Great – but Pipeline is Even Better  

Using the Pipeline Boost program, our ERP client was able to reach an average conversion rate from prospects to sales opportunities of 12% for a very complex enterprise solution.  Our demand generation machinery became a significant way for this ERP software company to build their sales pipeline on a continuous basis.