Ravi Shastri is now having a conversation with the prime ministers as they go through a few memorable moments between India and Australia. Explains them the pictures of some significant events

Prime Ministers meeting their respective teams and wishing them luck. The back drop for this game i

itch report: The pitch looks different to the one used against England. It looks well rolled, there is an even covering of grass and there are a few dry patches on the surface. Looks slightly damp as it's early in the morning. The spinners have loved to operate in these conditions. The surface is going to break up as the game progresses. Plenty of wickets in it for the spinners, but it will play better than the previous pitches used in the series, reckons Hayden.

The honourable prime ministers of both these teams (Narendra Modi and Anthony Albanese) are present at the Narendra Modi Stadium to watch this match. A big event this, so the players will be looking forward to leaving their mark in front of the massive crowd in Ahmedabad. Willl India manage to make it 3-1 and qualify for the Test Championship final, or will Australia level it 2-2? We shall see..

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