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Live Streaming and Video Conferencing is a Must for Businesses in 2020

Businesses are evolving from conducting webinars to running live streams. With 28% investing more in live streaming, it has become a widely popular free resource for a large group of…

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Which is right for you: CPaaS or UCaaS?

CPaaS and UCaaS are easy to confuse since both of them aim to develop the modern communication stack. They both approach the process with access to flexible tools for growth…

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Importance of Security Operations Centre in Cyber Security

Cybersecurity threats are becoming more and more challenging to detect and mitigate and even more common and dangerous in their types. According to a research study on the Cost of…


Unified communications: The key to prospering in the new working reality of Covid-19

Covid-19 lockdowns are causing a collective rethink in the way companies operate, with unified communications transformed from a nice-to-have to a business essential as remote working becomes the new normal .


Home Working Causes Major Network Security Disruption for Global Firms – Infosecurity Magazine

IT services firm Neustar polled hundreds of security professionals across Europe and the US to compile its latest Neustar International Security Council (NISC) findings. It revealed that almost a quarter (23%) are experiencing major disruption to network security practices,


Vonage Chosen to Provide Cloud Communications to San Bernardino County and Moves 2,200 County Staff Members Remote in 48 Hours

This is exactly why Cloud Communications is the correct technology to support companies and institutions through a public health crisis: 2200 county employees moved over to cloud-based UC services in 48 hours.


How demand is pushing the boundaries of unified communications

In the turbulent times we are all living through, the demand for unified communications (UC) is greater than ever. With many of us home-working for the most sustained period of time in our professional lives, C is being pushed to the very limits of its own capabilities.


How data governance and data management work together

Data governance and data management are two separate strategies, but they're both necessary to improve enterprise data usage. Read on for recommendations on how to build a strong relationship between the two.


East Central Energy Virtually Shrinks Service Area and Significantly Reduces Fleet Costs

Location, location, location One of the most basic challenges for any organization, regardless of whether or not they are looking to deploy a GPS fleet management solution, is to know exactly where resources are located and East Central Energy was not immune to this challenge. Their fleet management system allowed ...


The internet is working because its Cold War-era pioneers designed it to handle almost anything

Despite some problems, the Internet overall is handling unprecedented surges of demand as it helps keep a fractured world connected at a time of global catastrophe.