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Prevent Data Loss with Remote Online Backup Servic
Prevent Data Loss with Remote Online Backup Service
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By: Arlette Measures
Remote Data Backup Glossary Continued 3

Near store

Backing up data to a local staging backup device like a tape or hard drive. Typically located on-site for later archival restore.

Network backup

Many companies operate on a Network. The ability to back up multiple computers, servers or Network Attached Storage Appliances on the network from a centralized device is made available via this feature.

Off-site vault

Facility where data is stored away from normal place of operations. In professional online backup services, this is a sophisticated, disaster hardened, temperature controlled, high security bunker.

Online access to files

Online access allows you to access your backed up files via a normal web browser, usually through a secure web portal. This is useful if you are not at the physical machine.

Online backup

The backup of data and systems over the Internet to specialist storage vaults - as opposed to local backups to tape.

Open file backup

The ability to back up a file while it is in use. This is made possible by taking snapshot views of files even while they are open.

Recovery point objective (RPO)

The point in time that a restored data backup will represent. This is normally the point any system will be restored to upon recovery. The ultimate RPO is the point just prior to data loss. Optimization of RPO involves increasing the frequency of synchronization between source data and backup storage device.

Recovery time objective (RTO)

The amount of time elapsed between data loss event and restoration of full business activity. This relates to not only the time taken to retrieve files and systems but how long it takes to reinstate them and maintain normal business activity.

Remote backup

As online backup - the backup of data and systems over the Internet to specialist data centers

Remote store

Backing up data to an off-site backup facility, either directly from the live data source or from an intermediate near store device.


Notifies the user on the efficiency of the backup process. Can be customized by the user to determine the frequency of updates.

Restore time

The amount of time it takes to restore data that has been backed up. This time varies depending on the amount of data being brought back.

Retention time

The length of time in which currently protected of data will remain available for restore.


Software as a Service - the provision of standard software solutions provided over the Internet to customers on a pay-as-you-go, flat-fee basis.
Software as a Service


The provision of standard software solutions provided over the Internet to customers on a pay-as-you-go, flat-fee basis.


The frequency with which backups of files and systems take place. Online backup allows full automation of scheduling removing the human element of this process.


A term used to describe the process of uploading data to the data centre. Often this term is used with reference to the initial seeding of data, which can often be performed by uploading data onto a device and ‘seeding’ it directly to the storage vaults.

Site-to-site backup

Backing up data over the Internet to an off-site location under the user's control. Similar to remote backup except that the owner of the data maintains control of the storage location.


An instantaneous picture of a file system taken to preserve a ‘point in time’ static, read only view of the file system.


The process of ensuring that two or more locations contain the same up-to-date files. In online backup, initial synchronization is a one-time event to get the initial replica of a file under protection.

Tiered data centers

The tier of a data centre refers to how secure and reliable it is and ranges from the most basic at tier one with a 99.671% availability, to the most advanced tier four with 99.995% availability.

Transfer encryption

In order to prevent the interception of data between source and storage, data should be encrypted, normally via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption.


Refers to how many versions of data are kept and is given as a number. How far back you can look will depend on how frequently data is changed.


The creation of a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, such as an operating system, a server, a storage device or network resources.

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