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Prevent Data Loss with Remote Online Backup Servic
Prevent Data Loss with Remote Online Backup Service
Also Receive No Obligation Quotes from 5 Vendors
Also Receive No Obligation Quotes from up to 5 Vendors

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By: Arlette Measures
Remote Data Backup Speed, Reliability and Up-time

These are three key factors to look at before making your final selection. Since backups are usually the only option for recovering data after a system failure or disaster, remote online backup services do not have a great margin for error. The data stored with them must be there when needed. Find out what steps the provider has taken to secure their clients’ data. Feel free to ask such questions as:

1. Does the center have a continuous, un-interruptible power supply, including a back-up generator in a secure location?

2. What is the up-time for the data center?

3. How many clicks are required to actually begin the online backup process?

4. When the backup is running, many disk resources or CPU does it consume?

5. Is the backup continuous?

6.How quickly can files be restored?


The price you will pay for remote online backup service will naturally be one of your prime considerations. Many remote online backup providers offer unlimited storage for a very affordable price, either on a monthly or yearly basis. Some provide enough free storage to accommodate the needs of most smaller businesses.

Since pricing and features can vary greatly, it’s important to assess your needs before you begin the process of selecting a vendor. Your own company’s needs should be the determining factor when comparing prices. Remote online backup services designed for small businesses are very different from those intended for larger enterprises. For example, do you simply require a scheduled data backup at the lowest possible price or are you willing to pay more for real-time backup of email and database applications?

A lower priced service with basic features such as web access, scheduled backup and the ability to share files or send files by CD/DVD may be adequate for the needs of a smaller company. A larger business will require more complex features such as historical backup, live database, tighter encryption and the ability to back up operating system files.

Some key pricing details to ascertain from the company include:

1.Do they charge per computer or per account?

2.Is there a free trial period available?

3.What are their set-up fees, if any?

4.Will telephone technical support cost extra?

5.How much does the provider charge per GB per month?

6.Will I be charged if I exceed the allowable traffic and storage quota?

7.How frequently and what amount of data backup is allowed daily or monthly?

8.Can I cancel at any time or am I obligated for a minimum period?

Be sure to compare the services of a few different companies before settling on any one remote online backup provider. It will be worth your time to find a company that has the best reputation, price and storage space. InsideUp’s online vendor comparison service can make your search much easier. Simply take a few minutes to tell us about your company’s needs and you will receive custom quotes from up to five top remote online backup providers.

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