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Prevent Data Loss with Remote Online Backup Servic
Prevent Data Loss with Remote Online Backup Service
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By: Arlette Measures
Prevent Data Loss with Remote Online Backup Service

The U.S. National Archives & Records Administration states that 50 percent of businesses that lose their critical data for 10 days or more end up filing for bankruptcy. Since one out of ten hard drives fails each year, and hard copies of data can be just as susceptible to damage as the original, having your company’s important files stored with an off-site data backup service is simply good business sense.

In the event of a disaster, whether due to human error, theft, fire, defective components, or a system crash, having a remote online backup of all of your important information ensures that it is always safe, secure and easily accessible.

Remote online backup services have become more affordable and service providers are abundant. Many online backup vendors offer similar functionality but there are a number of variables, which can make selecting the right provider for your company a challenging task. This guide is designed to assist decision makers in determining the best remote backup solution for their company’s needs.

What Are the Benefits Remote Online Backup?

There are two types of data backup systems; online and offline. An offline backup, or 'cold' backup, is taken while the database is shut down. It includes all database files, a copy of the current control file and all online re-do log files. Online backup, known as a 'hot' backup, is taken while the database is operating. It includes copies of all database files, a backup of the current control file and all re-do log files written during the period of the backup from the online archives. An online backup does not include online re-do log files.

Although remote online backup requires a fast Internet connection, this is usually not a problem since broadband access is common, especially among business users. Most likely, your connection will be fast enough to accommodate the traffic between your computer and the online backup server.

There are several advantages to remote online backup, including:

1.Your files will remain available and can be accessed remotely from any location with an Internet connection. Files stored locally, as on a hard drive, are not accessible remotely.

2.Remote online backup providers adhere to rigorous practices that virtually eliminate the possibility of your data being completely destroyed due to a disaster.

3.Your backups will be physically safe. Remote online backup protects your hardware and software against theft, failure, and natural disaster whereas backups kept on a hard drive, CD or DVD are still vulnerable to such occurrences.

4.Remote online backup services include such security measures as traffic encryption, password protection for stored files and secure file sharing.

5.Many remote online backup vendors offer real-time backup protection at no extra cost, a service that most businesses will want to take advantage of.

6.For many businesses, remote online backup can be much more cost-effective than the offline alternative.

Remote online backup systems are usually built around a client software program that collects your data then compresses it, encrypts it and transfers it to a server. Typically, this process is carried out on a daily basis. You will retain the ability to restore your data via the Internet or by purchasing a CD or USB drive containing all the data you have stored on the backup provider's server.

With a remote backup of all your important information, you can be assured that your information is safe and easily retrievable even in the event of a system crash, theft, natural disaster or user error.

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