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By: Arlette Measures
A Quick Guide to Business VoIP Phone Service
For America's growing small businesses, the solutions offered by a VoIP phone system are worth taking noting. VoIP is widely recognized for the tremendous advantages it offers small businesses in terms of cost savings and efficiency. With intuitive features that increase company productivity, and the ability to blend traditional PBX systems into a common platform, VoIP systems help small businesses accomplish much more while spending less.

As your small business grows in size, VoIP phone system solutions are customizable and adaptable to your company's expanding needs. Small businesses that make the move to VoIP typically experience an increase in productivity and customer satisfaction as a result of the change. The top business VoIP phone feature benefits for companies with fewer than 100 employees are many, including:

• Increased user productivity
• Reduced call resolution time
• Optimized payment/billing plans
• Integrated CRM
• Fewer unanswered calls
• Measurable, real-world user productivity benefits
• Greater voice messaging accessibility and efficiency
• Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
• Immediate and long-term cost savings
• Reduced expense of telecom administrator moves, adds, and changes (MACs)
• Simplified management of servers, systems, endpoints, and network
• Greater flexibility of component selection

In a recent study by Intel, using a VoIP system resulted in an increase in performance of between 134 to 500 percent over traditional phone system. Of particular note was the increased speed (27 times faster)of scheduling a conference bridge and also of receiving a fax (31 times faster).

Companies that want to remain competitive can no longer ignore the advantages of adopting VoIP technologies. And just as important as making the decision to switch to VoIP, is choosing the right vendor to meet your phone system needs.

This guide is designed to help small business owners make informed decisions about their communication system provider. This decision can be complicated for companies with an existing traditional PBX system. Some businesses may find it difficult to replace their entire system at once but will need to outline a strategy to integrate your current system with the new IP solution. This process begins by identifying and prioritizing your business communication needs and comparing them with the solutions you already have.

Due to the maturity of the phone system market, you will likely find little difference in core feature offerings of various vendors. Pay close attention, though, to how the provider implements these features and the type of support they offer. Find out what additional functions and features are available with the solutions and vendors you consider. This will help you define a package that effectively addresses your company's unique goals and priorities.

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