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Mobile Application Development Company
mobile application development company

Why Outsource Mobile Application Development?

Although tighter company budgets have been a driving force behind the recent surge in outsourcing, a survey by the Gartner Group found that 85 percent of companies plan to increase or maintain their use of external service providers even after the economy has
improved. The most commonly cited reasons, according to Datamation, for outsourcing web development include:

• Reducing costs through efficiencies and economies of scale on the part of the service provider.
• Access to world-class skills, experience and resources.
• Removing non-core business.
• Minimizing capital expenditure on software development.
Outsourcing companies specializing in custom software development allow you to pay

only for the specific services you need. This will often enable you to afford much higher quality services. This factor alone can increase your bottom line by stretching your budget and enhancing productivity.

To help you determine what your own organization’s needs might be, we have listed below some key areas of web development that are commonly outsourced by small and medium sized businesses:

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Overview of Top Mobile Development Vendors

Liquid Common

  • Devoted to Web Development and Online Marketing solutions
  • Generate more traffic and increase online conversions
  • Innovative strategies, professional design and technology


  • iOS, Windows, Blackberry, and Android Platforms
  • Outsource to companies or freelancing developer
  • Set your own Budget

Y Media Labs

  • Tablets and smartphones
  • Strategy, Design, and Development
  • Mobile App Marketing

Astron InfoTech

  • Website Mobilization
  • Mobile Application Testing
  • Low-cost to get started and no long-term commitment

Factors to Discuss with your Business Mobile developer/designer

Tips for Hiring the Right Mobile App Development Company

It can be tempting for smaller organizations to try to handle all the work involved in
creating a website to represent their company. But many of the applications required to
build a successful business web site involve a considerable amount of technical
expertise. A professional web development company can work with you to create a
dynamic site that engages your customers with interactive tools, user profiling and the
capacity for a wide variety of customer-friendly features. Such a site will typically require
a great deal more programming knowledge than your basic text and photo site.

The process of website development consists of programming, testing and retesting of
the resulting computer code. Website development also involves writing software that
allows site visitors to engage in transactions, and embedding pictures or other images in
text files so they can be posted on the Web.

Website developers create a particular look and feel for each site. For example,
government web sites look official and bureaucratic, whereas retail sites generally
appear welcoming and consumer friendly. Your web developer will also establish your
site’s “clickstream,' which is the series of pages that appear on a web site as you make
certain choices.

A good designer will help you understand how color, aesthetics and other design
aspects play a critical role in customer response. Your web developer should work with
you to create an online presence that will represent your brand at its best.

Compare: No Obligation Offers Delivered Directly to Your Inbox.

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