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Reasons to Consider a Medical Transcription Company for Small Business

One of the most important parts of the inner workings of healthcare is medical transcription. It is an essential factor for creating records and back end support for medical facilities. However, medical transcription isn’t a part of the main business of a healthcare facility. That’s why selecting the proper medical transcription company to outsource to is an important decision that can correlate with efficiency of the facility.

What Should A Medical Transcription Company Provide?

Before you select a company to outsource to, it’s important to consider how the company will impact your healthcare facility positively. A quality medical transcription company will make the transcription flow run smoother. Outsourcing the transcription services makes the process of changing dictation files into patient records effortless. The turnaround time that is required by professionals should be reduced as well. The cost of medical transcription is lowered and in turn filters down to other costs in the healthcare facility. Due to the fact that your healthcare facility doesn’t have to focus on transcription, it can focus on core business issues. Managers, IT staff, and administrators duties with transcription if great reduced and it streamlines the organizational structure as a whole. The receivables process works at a faster pace because outsourcing the transcription duties guarantees that the medical records are created on time.

Deliverables That Should Come From the Outsourcing Process

This facet entails figuring out the exact parameters to determine the final result of outsourcing services. Possibly the most important part is the accuracy of information. The information that the medical transcription company enters plays a vital role in future patient care. The turnaround time for STAT files as well as regular reports is important because the information should be submitted in a timely fashion as well as accurate. Making sure the data of the patient is kept confidential at all stages is a must for all healthcare facilities. Here are several more things you will want to find out about:

1. Find out about the vendor’s customer support. If the company does not provide a toll free number that can be reached during your business hours, or if they use email as the sole means of contact, this could be a sign that their customer support is limited. Ask the company how long they have been in business. Do not do business with startups.

2. Inquire as to the company’s billing procedures. Per line billing, with a line being approximately 65 characters will be the most fair. Vendors that bill by the audio minute or by the page stand to make more money from partially filled recordings or pages.

3. Ask the vendor about their typical turnaround time. You should be able to receive reports back in under 24 hours. Many vendors are able to provide STAT reports within as few as four hours.

4. Find out if their medical transcription service is web based. This is an important benefit, as it allows access to online records.

5. Inquire about the vendor’s QA and proofreading process. Having a number of proofreaders and several QA checks will ensure quality work.

6. Take a look at the company’s service agreement to be sure you will not be locked into a long-term contract.

7. Ask for references and contact each one to verify.

Consider Your Future Requirements

Your healthcare facility has to factor in transcription requirements that could come up because of possible expansion of the facility. If a new branch was going to open up, it could possibly have an effect on the level of service from the medical transcription provider. Hopefully, the service provider is able to integrate information using EMR-EHR with HL7 messages. If new specialties are added on, the medical transcription provider should be able to keep providing services without sacrificing turnaround time or accuracy.

With so many medical transcription companies available, choosing the right one for your practice can be challenging. InsideUp makes the process much easier by providing free, no-obligation quotes from top medical transcription services. Simply fill out the form on this page telling us a little bit about your company’s needs and we will get you started.

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