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GPS Fleet Tracking
GPS Fleet Tracking

How GPS Tracking Software Can Benefit your Business

GPS fleet tracking can also give businesses both big and small peace of mind by allowing them to track the location of vehicles in their fleet, and also offer many additional benefits. While the upfront costs may be significant, these systems can help businesses save money and improve efficiency in many ways, translating into cost savings on the long run

Tracking vehicles helps ensure that they are sticking to the planned routes, prevents excessive idling and avoid the use of vehicles for personal purposes. Avoiding the misuse of company vehicles can ensure that more tasks are completed each day and save money on the long run. GPS systems not only allow companies to monitor a vehicle’s location, but can also track the vehicle’s speed. This can help avoid speeding and unsafe driving, thus helping avoid the potential costs of tickets, fines and even accidents. In certain situations, GPS tracking may even be helpful in locating and recovering stolen commercial vehicles.

Aside from allowing managers and business owners to track the whereabouts of vehicles at all times and ensure they stick to the planned routes, GPS systems can offer additional benefits. These systems allow drivers to search for addresses and directions, and help the avoid driving around aimlessly looking for a business, which saves the company time and fuel costs. This is especially pertinent as fuel prices rise and companies look for ways to save, as reducing fuel usage even by a small percentage can translate into big cost savings for companies with large fleets.

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Overview of Top GPS Fleet Tracking Vendors


  • Mobile Apps
  • Real Time data
  • Driver Intelligence


  • Preventative maintenance
  • Online training
  • Historical vehicle records

Network Fleet

  • Free roadside assistance
  • Fleet vehicle assistance
  • Garmin integration

Sage Quest

  • Fuel card integration
  • Automated reporting
  • Speed control

How GPS Fleet Tracking Software Can Benefit Your Business

Tips for Selecting the Best GPS Tracking

A GPS tracking system can save your company money in several ways:

Operating Costs – By monitoring activities like speeding or excessive idling you can not only save fuel, but reduce damage done to the engine, brakes and tires. This will also reduce your fleet’s gas emissions, keeping your company green.

Reducing Fuel and Maintenance Costs – The average operating cost per vehicle is about $1.50 per mile. A company can reduce at least 25 miles per week for each vehicle with a GPS fleet tracking system.

Increasing Efficiency – On average, each vehicle could complete at least one extra stop, job, or delivery per day by using a web based GPS fleet management system.

Reducing Delays – and time spent at unauthorized locations. With fleet tracking software you can easily establish a custom notification system for events like a driver going outside of a designated area, speeding or staying idle for too long.

Reducing Insurance Rates by up to 35% – Many insurance companies offer discounted premiums for vehicles that have real-time GPS systems.
Risk Avoidance – A GPS tracking system will help eliminate any liability for unauthorized vehicle usage.

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