Our client had launched a next generation chipset to resolve the bottleneck of processing massive amounts of data resulting from training Machine Learning models.

By making the chipset available both on-premises and as a SaaS offering, they had removed a key obstacle for companies seeking to leverage AI to drive innovation. Their AI-related business plan attracted over $500 Million in funding and built up their workforce to nearly 900 employees. 



The Challenge

Educating IT Analysts on Improved Data Processing Solutions 

The company’s in-house marketing team focused on identifying interest and winning more marquee accounts. But they needed to expand their conversations with decision-makers in mid-tier companies, specifically those with the resources to investigate AI applications and prepare large datasets. 

Digital advertising alone cannot rapidly grow sales pipeline or meet return on spend goals for many cloud-based tech solutions. Companies need to “cross the chasm” and transition from early adopters to a broader audience of value-seeking businesses and change makers willing to disrupt the status quo. This requires directly engaging potential customers. 



Our Approach

Utilizing Pipeline Create to Capture Engagement 

Our extensive expertise in cloud computing enabled us to communicate the benefits of a cloud-technology model that can apply next generation processing power to train AI models. 

We used a set of data extraction tools to systematically update and expand our database of cloud technology decision-makers from primary sources. This ensured we had robust contact data to meet the needs of this client’s campaign. 

Next, we selected key pieces of content that introduced the client’s purpose-built system for training AI models and showcased the advantages of a SaaS model to access this technology. 

Our dedicated data team targeted AI-related job titles in mid-market organizations from 1000-5000 employees and verified contact information by phone. Recognizing that data science and strategic IT team members are also often involved in these decisions, we targeted those roles as well. 

Using our content syndication platform, the key element of the Pipeline Create program, we tested a large library of client content to find which content was more effective in highlighting its innovation and the specialized utilities needed to handle applications in NLP, recommendation systems, and computer vision.  

We then applied intent monitoring to track interest and marketing qualified prospects were posted to the client’s marketing automation platform in real time as they were captured. 


The Results

Engagement Increased Significantly, Webinar Attendance is Way Up 

Our client experienced a 45% increase in the level of engagement for companies in the mid-tier segment based on prospects attributed to us. 

New contact data was placed in a nurturing cadence that resulted in a significant uptick in webinar attendees across the most coveted industries. 

This company expects the democratization of AI to come from the mid-tier companies that have been, and continue to be, introduced by InsideUp to the game-changing technology of this new venture.