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Importance of Security Operations Centre in Cyber Security

Cybersecurity threats are becoming more and more challenging to detect and mitigate and even more common and dangerous in their types. According to a research study on the Cost of…

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What is a Cloud Firewall and Is It Right for Your Network Security?

Cloud-based firewalls are cloud-deployed “virtual” network devices. Recently emerging as a new software-based technology, cloud firewalls are built to fulfil the same purpose, namely the prevention of unauthorized access to…

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DHS announces grant allocations for FY2020 preparedness grants

As part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) ongoing efforts to support state, local, tribal, and territorial partners, Acting Secretary Chad F. Wolf announced final allocations of $385 million for seven Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 DHS competitive preparedness grant programs. These allocations, together with the more than $1.3 billion in non-competitive grant funding announced by DHS in February and April, total nearly $1.8 billion in FY 2020 granted to assist states, local areas, tribal and territorial governments, nonprofit agencies, and the private sector . . .

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Three ways that cybersecurity companies can close the gender gap

At this point, it’s a truism that the tech industry needs more women. But one sector that holds incredible opportunity is cybersecurity. By next year, millions of cyber jobs will be available, but will be unfilled. Having spent the last 10 years in cybersecurity, I’ve seen firsthand how badly underrepresented women are in the field. They make up just one-quarter (24 percent) of the world’s cyber security workforce. Last year, the European Commission launched an initiative to increase women’s participation in cybersecurity to address the . . .