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Importance of Security Operations Centre in Cyber Security

Cyber security threats are becoming more and more challenging to detect and mitigate and even more common and dangerous in their types. According to a research study on the Cost…

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What is a Cloud Firewall and Is It Right for Your Network Security?

Cloud-based firewalls are cloud-deployed “virtual” network devices. Recently emerging as a new software-based technology, cloud firewalls are built to fulfil the same purpose, namely the prevention of unauthorized access to…

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Unisys unveils ClearPath MCP Software Series for Microsoft Azure - Help Net Security

Unisys announced ClearPath MCP Software Series for Microsoft Azure − the first availability of its software environment in the public cloud.

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County in Airiz. requires employees that travel to high-risk areas to quarantine for two weeks upon arrival home

As of Sep. 29, 2020, employees in Pima County, Arizona who travel to any high-risk COVID-19 area, whether state-to-state or international, will not be permitted to return to work for 14 consecutive days after returning home, and will be required to quarantine. In a memorandum signed by Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry, he stated,