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Checking Linux system performance with sar

The sar command can provide detailed system metrics on just about every aspect of system performance. You can query it on as as-needed basis or set it up to provide daily reports.

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5 Keys to Creating a Zero-Trust Security Foundation

By Jon Green, Vice President and Chief Security Technologist. Why do breaches still happen? The answer is the increasing attack surface. Forging a partnership between networking and security is essential.

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Delivering the Highest Quality of Experience in a Multi-Cloud World

One example is in healthcare, where medical providers increasingly rely on telemedicine sessions using Zoom or Webex. The number of concurrent sessions has increased from 1-2 per day to 10 or more per location. Aruba EdgeConnect business intent overlays ...

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Cisco upgrades intent-based-networking performance, security, analytics

The new DNA Center software integrates a ThousandEyes agent to improve network-intelligence monitoring, double the number of clients the system supports, and strengthen security.

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Can Business Data Networks and the Internet Really Handle COVID-19 Related Traffic?

All around the world, people have been quarantining and working from home because of the on-going Covid-19 pandemic. If you are regularly accessing the internet, like many others, you may…

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What is SD-WAN and Why Should SMBs Pay Attention to It?

Enterprises are living and working in an era of software-defined everything. From flexible on-demand cloud connectivity right through to agile backup solutions, businesses are re-imagining the way they build out…