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How a Business PBX Communications System Saves You Money

Dec 8, 2013

By:  Arlette Measures

Businesses communication needs have evolved dramatically over the past few decades. Companies now expect, and need, their phone systems to do so much more than make simple phone calls. And while acquiring new technology that will enhance the productivity and efficiency of your business usually means spending more money, a business PBX system can actually save your company a considerable amount of money.

Business PBX standards have changed greatly over the past decade. Many businesses have adopted hosted PBX service, which is much more flexible and offers advanced tools like call monitoring and video conferencing, which are becoming ever more essential for business communications.

Choosing a business PBX system can be a complex decision. And it isn’t getting any easier, as new business communications technology is continually changing and becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Before purchasing a phone system, and to understand just how the right system can save money for your business, it’s important to know some basics about business PBX (Private Branch Exchange) and how it works.

Here is a brief overview to help you compare the traditional PBX systems with the attributes of  unified communications (UC) that utilize a small business PBX with Hosted VoIP.

How It All Began 

Business PBX has always been  cool. But now it's better than ever.

Business PBX has always been
cool. But now it’s better than ever.

Traditional business PBX consisted of a physical switching system to connect all incoming and outgoing calls of internal users. The physical hardware was housed on location at the business, and routed incoming calls to specific extensions within the company. The PBX could not be easily customized; upgrades and additions always required an on-site visit from the phone company’s maintenance crew. 

Enter Cloud Based PBX

A hosted PBX system offers all the advantages of a traditional PBX, plus so much more. It can adroitly connect and switch VoIP calls and landline calls alike. But without taking up real estate in your office with cumbersome equipment. All you’ll need are your phones and possibly a small router.

All the features your business needs will be delivered via the Internet. You’ll be in control of your own communications system, which means you won’t ever have to sit and wait for someone from the phone company to come to your location to perform maintenance on your system. You will also have the option of using either IP phones or softphones, which require no hardware other than a headset and a computer.

Cloud based PBX allows you to use the same phone system to connect employees in various locations throughout the country using the same area code and extension configuration. Extensions can be customized and features can be readily added. Business PBX in the cloud also facilitates telecommuting, or telework, which can give your employees more flexibility in meeting personal and professional responsibilities, reducing stress and providing freedom from office distractions.

How Business PBX Is Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Your flat monthly fee will include unlimited calls, and you won’t need to invest in expensive equipment. Plus, all features your business may require to enhance your company’s own unique workflow are already available as part of your hosted PBX service, so you won’t have to pay extra every time you need to add a feature.

Advanced efficiencies provided by a hosted business PBX system can result in fewer wasted labor hours. When calls are automatically routed to the proper person, your employees can carry on with their work without being continually interrupted or having to re-direct phone calls.

Unanswered calls can mean lost business. With a hosted business PBX system, you will miss fewer calls. Sales agents can still be reached promptly, even when they are away from the office, and customer inquiries will receive due attention. All of which can lead to increased revenue for your business.

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Commercial Phone Line: Efficient Solutions from Top Vendors with InsideUp

Nov 26, 2013

By:  InsideUp

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has rapidly become the communications system of choice for businesses, owing to its affordable cost and manifold benefits. Unlike traditional business telephone systems, this advanced form of telecommunication utilizes the internet as a source of cost-efficient calls. Outsourcing VoIP service can also save you a great deal in operating and infrastructure costs.InsideUp makes the confusing and time consuming task of selecting a reliable, top quality VoIP outsourcing solution much easier with a comprehensive guide on business phone line services. It will help you compare the services of top vendors to select the most suitable and affordable provider pertaining to your specific business needs.Business internet phone services via VoIP can be of various types; most offer easy set-up and provide a scalable phone line system. Selecting the ideal vendor based on your inbound and outbound call requirements is one of the most important decisions you will make for your business.Depending on your project requirements and budget, InsideUp provides a guide to comparing top vendors to assure satisfaction in selecting an affordable outsourcing solution. You can opt for a hosted PBX or virtual PBX system based on your business needs. InsideUp also keeps you up to date with informative blogs to help you find reliable VoIP services.Internet telephony is being adopted by businesses worldwide due to its more cost-effective approach and enhanced services as compared to traditional telephones. Business phone service with VoIP is the new face of advanced technology, providing the same telecommunication services, but at affordable rates. It facilitates new communication platforms such as messaging, conference calling, voice-messaging and more, in addition to traditional simple calls.Business phone line services are in great demand among businesses of various spheres, both small and large, as it fulfills their aim of saving money with smart VoIP utilities. It is creating an unprecedented revolution in the world of advanced telecommunication.To be a part of this commercial phone line revolution and experience the benefits it has to offer, visit