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Reasons to Consider Outbound Telemarketing Services (Infographic)

Sep 12, 2013

By:  Arlette Measures


Business Insights on Outbound Telemarketing

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At 13% Telemarketing has the highest response rate of all forms of direct marketing. Reasons to Consider Telemarketing Services.

  • 100% Best in class Marketers who integrate active telemarketing campaigns with email.
  • 90% Top B2B Marketing managers who listed telemarketing as the most effective lead nurturig channel.
  • 23% are the people who said they purchased because of a friendly or helpful telemarketer.
  • 68% The percentage of B2B sales that involve some form of human interaction.
  • 4% Managers surveyed that find telesales calls at work annoying.

Did you know?
9.9 – How “Best-in-class” marketers rank telemarketing’s importance on a 10-point scale