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Reasons to Consider GPS Fleet Tracking (Infographic)

Aug 16, 2013

By:  Arlette Measures

reasons to consider GPS fleet Tracking GPS InfoGraphic

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Business Insights: GPS Fleet Tracking. Why consider GPS Fleet Tracking for Your Business.

Fleets with GPS Tracking installed experienced 13.2% reduction in fuel costs on average, as well as a 13.4% reduction in overtime costs. Here are a few facts when acquiring a GPS Fleet tracking service:

  • 800 Gallons: The amount of fuel the average truck idles away per year.
  • 70 miles per hour: The sustained speed at which the tire wear will nearly double.
  • 25 Miles: 1 Hour of idle time equals how many miles of driving.
  • 1.5%: Increased fuel consumption for each mile over 50 MPH.
  • 38% Increase in the vehicle maintenance expenses when speeds increase to 60 MPH from 50 MPH.
  • 80% Increase in the vehicle maintenance expenses when speeds increase to 70 MPH from 50 MPH.

Did You Know?
61% of Businesses surveyed said customer demand for faster response times dove their decisions to use GPS Fleet Tracking.

Sources:, Averdeen Group, Ford Motor Company, TrackNet.

Top 10 Fleet Maintenance Software System Features

Jun 19, 2015

By:  Arlette Measures

GPS fleet maintenance software offers a number of features to help boost productivity and ensure that you are getting the most out of your fleet. Here are a few of the most popular features for you to look for when selecting a fleet maintenance software system:

  1. Customizable Dashboard – Your fleet software should include a user-friendly dashboard that you can access to view reports such as percent of time scheduled, total operation cost per vehicle, preventive maintenance completion rates, schedule completion rates, equipment failures and more.

  2. Planning and Scheduling Tools – These will help you to optimize schedules, maximize productivity, and increase the time your vehicles are actually in use.

  3. Preventive Maintenance Alerts – Avoid unscheduled maintenance stops by keeping all your vehicles running at optimal performance. You can receive notifications when maintenance is due so it can be scheduled at a convenient time, thus reducing unexpected vehicle downtime.

  4. Workflow Management РThis configuration feature is a powerful tool that enables you to readily define rules as needed. Workflow management lets you capture labor data in real time, track your mobile equipment, capture fuel consumption data, route emails, and automatically assign priority codes. You can effectively customize your maintenance system so that it ideally suits your company’s unique processes.

  5. Inventory Control – Always have the correct part available when you need it, and reduce excess spending on inventory at the same time with this tool.

  6. Repair History – Know what you are spending to keep each of your vehicles in working order.

  7. You define the criteria to track the cost of shop maintenance and repairs, including labor, parts and materials.

  8. Vendor Portal – This option allows contractors and vendors to log in to a secure portal to access work assignments, document expenses and attach related files or images.

  9. Mobile Options – Your drivers can help keep the fleet optimized from their end by recording completed trip inspections, tire data, odometer readings and fuel purchases.

  10. Driver Data – Maintain all essential records on your drivers, including Driver Qualification Files. Receive notices regarding upcoming qualification renewal dates, such as when a driver is due for an annual physical exam.

Other useful fleet maintenance software features include integration with GPS, ERP and parts cataloging systems, driver issue reporting, daily snapshot reports, customized user roles, technician training and certification management, license and permit management, Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards, free roadside assistance and more.

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