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Having an effective business to business sales message can help your business increase closures and achieve better results

Do you sell business services? How effective is your business to business
messaging, defined as providing persuasive and compelling answers to your prospective buyer's primary questions?

Businesses can typically increase sales by 30 percent by creating sales messages that are highly relevant to your buyers' key questions.

Here are 3 key buyer questions you should always be prepared to answer:

1. Why should I seriously consider you as a service provider?

2. Why should I replace my current provider with your company's service?

3. How is your service better than your competitors'?

A recent IDG survey found that the chance of closing business to business sales was reduced by 45 percent when sales messaging was not relevant to the buyers' most pressing needs.

The survey also found that 42 percent of the time, sales teams had not been provided with adequate training or tools to help them persuasively answer buyer questions.

The good news is you can increase your business to business sales by analyzing and strengthening your sales messaging. If you know your target market well, start by replacing any weak generalities, such as ìwe provide great customer service,î with specific information about your company's performance in this area. Use numbers, results and customer testimonials whenever possible.
Strengthen Your Sales Message to Boost Sales

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Our platform is built with intelligent components such as an Automated Direct Marketing System that allows us - in real-time - to target your best prospects. We deliver prospects from the top of the funnel, to the middle and even those ready to try your product today. Our Nurturing System helps SMBs get educated about ways they can grow their business. They then become qualified prospects for our clients.

InsideUp also gives you a full suite of value-added marketing services, such as our automated phone transfer to connect prospects to your sales team, to help you convert more SMB prospects into customers. And, since reporting is vital to your ROI goals, we give you full visibility into your campaign using our online dashboard for both desktop and mobile.

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