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Discover what the top sales challenges of B2B marketers are

If your company has been feeling the strain of increased B2B marketing challenges, you are not alone. New research from MarketingSherpa reveals that generating high quality
B2B Sales
leads and a high volume of leads continue to be the two main concerns of B2B companies.

Most firms are still working with restrained B2B marketing budgets and a smaller marketing staff, making the problem of generating a large volume of quality leads even more difficult. Combined with lengthening sales cycles, the issue may seem like an insurmountable obstacle.

However, there are three steps that you can take to help close any gaps in your lead-generation strategy.

1. Take a critical look at your marketing and sales data and closely track ROI to assess the most cost-effective sources of quality leads. Purchasing leads from an online lead generation company is one solution that many companies are using to keep their sales pipeline filled with warm leads.

2. Make sure no lead is wasted. Organizations are working harder to bring marketing and sales together to determine what constitutes a high quality lead and when a lead is ready to be turned over to sales. More companies are also employing lead management technologies to ensure that they're pulling the highest possible return on those leads.

3. Meet the challenge of a longer B2B sales cycle by refining and strengthening your company's lead nurturing process. This will enable you to capture sales and boost ROI even when leads don't close on the initial call. Your lead nurturing efforts will have the added benefit of building trust and creating loyalty on the part of your prospects.
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Our platform is built with intelligent components such as an Automated Direct Marketing System that allows us - in real-time - to target your best prospects. We deliver prospects from the top of the funnel, to the middle and even those ready to try your product today. Our Nurturing System helps SMBs get educated about ways they can grow their business. They then become qualified prospects for our clients.

InsideUp also gives you a full suite of value-added marketing services, such as our automated phone transfer to connect prospects to your sales team, to help you convert more SMB prospects into customers. And, since reporting is vital to your ROI goals, we give you full visibility into your campaign using our online dashboard for both desktop and mobile.

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