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Responding to Online Leads With Email 5 Tips
Email is an effective way to respond to and nurture online leads. Here are a few best practices to help maximize your conversion rates.

First, respond as soon as you receive the lead. A report by Harvard Business Review says companies that try to contact potential customers within an hour of receiving queries are nearly seven times as likely to have meaningful conversations with key decision makers.

Be sure to take a moment to PERSONALIZE your message. THis will increase the chances of your email being well-received.

Clerly identify yourself in the subject line, along with a brief sentence stating that the email contains information the person requested. This is also a good place to add a call to action such as, “Reply to this email for a ten percent discount.”

Create a headline that sums up the main message of your email and includes an important benefit of using your services.

In the body of the email, give your prospect a reason to respond. List three top benefits your product or service will provide. This is a good place to break up the text with a bullet list.

Keep your message brief. Shorter emails draw higher response rates.

End with a call to action. Make clear the exact action the reader should take, such as clicking a link to a landing page or registration form.

Use a digital signature that includes your company logo, web address and contact information for a professional touch.

And finally, proofread carefully. Nothing can diminish your credibility like a typo or grammatical error.

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Responding to Online Leads With Email 5 Tips

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