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Make sure to leave a positive impact and a good impression of yourself when calling your B2B leads

During the first 30 seconds of your initial phone call, the person listening to your voice will begin to form an opinion about you. Following a few best practices for
B2B Leads
sales calls will help you make that opinion a positive one.

Before you pick up the phone, take a moment to breathe deeply, relax and smile. When you're at ease and feeling confident and friendly, this will definitely come through in your voice.

Begin with an engaging introduction. Greet the person in a friendly manner, using their formal name if you know it. Immediately identify yourself and briefly state the reason for your call. Most business people appreciate when you respect their time and get right to the point.

Follow the same procedure when leaving a voice mail, then clearly state your contact information or let the person know that you will be sending an email with more information.

Keep your focus when calling B2B leads. It can be easy to get sidetracked during a phone conversation. It takes discipline, but it's important to eliminate distractions and concentrate on what your prospect is saying.

Remember to ask open-ended questions and then really listen to the answers. The information you glean from a two-way conversation will help you to offer solutions tailored to the prospect's needs.

Ask for an appointment. Complex B2B service contracts can be difficult or impossible to win on the initial phone call. Setting an appointment is an important step toward gaining your B2B lead's business.

Confirm your information and close strong. You want to leave each potential customer with a positive impression of you and the company you represent. Try to end each conversation on a positive note.
Creating a Positive Impression when Calling B2B Leads

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