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Our Marketing System
Comprehensive Marketing
From First Contact to New Customer Contract

Partner Network

Our vast partner network allows us to leverage the business audiences that our partners reach. We partner with a variety of entities that connect with business audiences through social media, direct response, email marketing, content syndication, and telemarketing.

Partners utilize our vast set of marketing materials, and our technology, which is customized to different types of marketing partners in order to help them target specific business audiences and promote the services they feel their audience will find the most useful. We share the aggregate demand with our partners in a dynamic way that allows them, in real time, to respond to that demand, thus best utilizing their resources.

Marketing Network

Our marketing network includes search, social and retargeting platforms, which we incorporate into our marketing system, integrating our technology platform with best-of-breed marketing technologies, to optimize customer acquisition for our clients.

Our marketing network complements our partner network and direct marketing system to reach a prodigious amount of business buyers at every stage of the buying cycle.

Direct Marketing System

Email, telemarketing and direct mail are among the most effective ways to build business demand, and we employ all three of these methods as an integral part of our automated platform to actively target receptive audiences and attract new customers for our clients. Our real-time system utilizes proprietary technology that provide a customized, automated solution to the dynamic nature of the market we serve.

Data Warehouse
Our data warehouse is a significant part of the value we provide to clients. It contains records for millions of small business and includes contact information of individuals within those businesses who are responsible for making purchasing decisions for their companies.
The data warehouse is also a repository of information that is appended to these business records; such as intent and transactional data regarding purchasing activity related to business services. Intent data has multiple dimensions, including content views, while transactional data would include content downloads, submission of requests, and selection of vendors.


The InsideUp marketing platform is the hub of a marketing system that connects the client’s target customer profiles and budgets, allocates them across our marketing channels, optimizing the allocation using campaign performance metrics. Using a data profiling system that incorporates demographic and behavioral profiling, the system then pushes out offers to small business most likely to purchase.

Business Rules

Our marketing system is driven by the business rules. Those rules include the budgets set for specific targets by business categories, by the different levels of monetization that we can achieve for each prospect, and by the performance of campaigns as it relates to our goals—the results achieved by our clients. Our platform dynamically supports the application of these business rules to maximize results.

Third-Party Technologies

We use best of breed third-party technologies that have been customized and integrated with our platform to manage many elements of our marketing, including our marketing network and direct marketing system.

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