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InsideUp Adds Support for Predefined Buyer Groups to DemandGen Platform

August 11, 2017, San Diego, CA - InsideUp, a leader in B2B customer acquisition, today announced a Buyer Group enhancement to its DemandGen Platform that improves the granularity of Account Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns, an important new trend to optimize the ROI of overall marketing budgets. Buyer Group support is also a pre-requisite to embrace new B2B metrics such as the Demand Unit recommendation of industry consulting firm Sirius Decisions in their most recent Waterfall diagram.

InsideUp now offers clients the ability to generate either intent data or verified leads based on buying "signals" exhibited by members of one or more predefined Buyer Groups in client selected target accounts. Each Buyer Group represents the likely key players involved in a purchase decision for a class of category-specific opportunities. Supporting this construct allows InsideUp to place the right content in front of each member of the Buyer Group thereby increasing the value of the InsideUp DemandGen Platform for clients pursuing an ABM approach to their B2B marketing strategy.

One of the limitations of ABM has been that individual contacts in target accounts who have absolutely nothing to do with the purchase process for a product or service may take actions that "signal" intent. However, with a Buyer Group defined for each topic, the stream of intent signals can be refined to focus on responses that really matter, coming from contacts most likely to have a say regarding which vendor wins the business.

The process begins with a set of email address domains that represent target account names and set(s) of Job Titles that define one or more Buyer Groups associated with particular categories. InsideUp can now run an ABM compliant campaign that places engaging content in front of multiple contacts at target accounts and captures purchasing "intent" within each Buyer Group. These steps result in qualified opportunities for InsideUp clients.

InsideUp is able to aggregate a significant number of unique buying "signals" captured across the omni-channel spectrum, including online behavior, mobile activity, email interaction and telephone responses. This new enhancement keeps predefined Buyer Group associations intact and enables a more precise nurturing campaign to be launched, leading to an acceleration of the new customer acquisition process.

"We know from experience," said InsideUp CEO Asad Haroon, "that in B2B you must market to multiple contacts within a target account to get any real traction. Without the aid of purpose-built technology, agencies have struggled to cost-effectively run campaigns for their clients using slightly different content personalized for the different functions and levels found within the same account. The technology built into the InsideUp DemandGen Platform solves that problem for our agency and vendor clients."

With the integrated technology and omnichannel capabilities of the InsideUp DemandGen Platform, data streaming, now filtered by Buyer Group, can greatly improve the efficiency of nurturing campaigns and accelerate new customer acquisition. For example, content personalized to business function and job level can be developed in advance and then automatically launched to relevant contacts as their purchase intent data comes into the system.

"Customers have told us," said Haroon, "that existing third-party B2B data and demand generation solutions are not able to immediately respond to new industry trends and methods in ABM. With our rapid prototyping software development process, the InsideUp DemandGen Platform delivers the future of intent-based intelligence today."

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