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InsideUp Expands Its India-Based Subsidiary to Accommodate Continuing Technology Investment

San Diego, CA - November 10, 2014 - InsideUp, a leader in customer acquisition for business software and service providers, announced today an expansion of the office and staffing of its software technology operations in Indore, India to support the growth of the company.

To fulfill InsideUp's mission of high-level technology development for its customer acquisition platform, InsideUp founded InsideUp Web Development Private, Ltd. Since then, the InsideUp Web Development staff in India has supported the company's core customer acquisition technologies, mobile software and other applications designed to maximize the capabilities of the InsideUp platform

The InsideUp India team supports the company's entire technology development process as well as the integration of third-party technology into its platform. "Our technology team is comprised of a pool of technical talent that consistently produces work which enables InsideUp to maintain its leading edge and allows us to continually build our leadership as a customer acquisition platform," said InsideUp CEO Asad Haroon.

InsideUp's software development process, based on 2 week release cycles, enables rapid development of the company's robust and comprehensive marketing platform. The highly scalable platform with its Java, J2EE & PHP core ensures stability, and the standard LAMP platform maximizes maintainability.

Indore is the largest city in the state of Madhya Pradesh (MP). With a population of 2.2 million, and more than 30 technical colleges and a significant number of IT companies, Indore provides access to a large pool of software and mobile developers, making the InsideUp team easily scalable to support company growth.

"Our proprietary technology serves the needs of business to business (B2B) marketers in a way that no other platform does," said Haroon. "And our highly skilled development team is continually working to keep InsideUp at the vanguard of customer acquisition technology."

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InsideUp provides an integrated, performance-based marketing platform that readily adapts to the buying processes of business owners and managers. Powered by its proprietary marketing platform, InsideUp helps its clients to easily acquire customers and meet their ROI goals. By nurturing the interest of business decision makers through data profiling, omnichannel marketing automation, direct marketing, compelling content and a dynamic partner network, InsideUp helps clients generate prospects and provides technology-enabled services to assist in converting these prospects into customers.

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