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InsideUp Announces the Addition of Call Analytics to Its B2B Demand Generation Platform.

June 8, 2016 - San Diego, CA - InsideUp, leader in customer acquisition for providers of business software and services, has released new call analytics features as part of the company’s proprietary, omnichannel demand generation platform. These features enable detailed analysis of tele-qualification calls made during the demand generation process.

As part of an overall mission to provide a customer acquisition platform with outstanding audience reach and scalability, this solution allows InsideUp to automate campaign optimization.

InsideUp's proprietary customer acquisition platform includes automated technology and online tools that support the company's tele-qualification framework. The platform integrates multiple marketing channels with follow-up tele-qualification calls, in order to nurture or qualify interest in services provided by its clients.

“The problem with B2B demand generation,“ said InsideUp CEO Asad Haroon, “has been that not enough is done to continually improve the quality. Our clients demand more than just volume and scalability from their demand generation efforts; they want quality. Quality improvement does not just happen. But with the application of efficient validation techniques, it is achievable.“

The InsideUp proprietary lead scoring system is now enhanced by the new call analytics system. A call analytics score now gets incorporated into the overall lead score to produce a unique and precise metric that includes the verification of contact data, prospect intent and qualification.

The InsideUp call analytics system uses precise scoring techniques to measure the quality of leads that have been tele-qualified. The solution enables the rapid creation of a custom scorecard for every active campaign. As part of demand generation operations, every campaign is assigned a qualification score.

“The human touch still plays a vital role in the building of business relationships,“ said Haroon. “Even in this age of purely digital marketing solutions, tele-qualification remains an important part of our direct marketing system. While digital marketing and progressive profiling may give B2B marketers essential insights regarding prospects, a person-to person conversation can reveal so much more about a company's pain points, time to purchase, and possible objections.“

According to MarketingProfs, telemarketing is the third most effective B2B lead generation channel. Three-quarters of companies surveyed use it to acquire new customers, and more than half had increased their telemarketing efforts when compared to the previous year.

The InsideUp platform incorporates a human touch in a scalable and cost efficient manner, and determines the optimal timing and contact method for each targeted individual.

About InsideUp

InsideUp provides an integrated, performance-based marketing platform that readily adapts to the buying processes of business owners and managers. Powered by its proprietary marketing platform, InsideUp helps its clients to easily acquire customers and meet their ROI goals. By nurturing the interest of business decision makers through data profiling, omnichannel marketing automation, direct marketing, compelling content and a dynamic partner network, InsideUp helps clients to generate prospects and provides technology-enabled services to assist in converting these prospects into customers.

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