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This white paper provides business servcie marketers with significant insight into the latest tactics and strategies used by business service providers in their ongoing effort to acquire high-quality sales leads. The latest and most effective best practices deployed today are explored and explained. The white

paper also uncovers key findings of an InsideUp business service marketing survey, which was taken by 220 marketing professionals. The results reveal that a majority of marketers are not satisfied with the quality of leads produced by their current marketing practices; 57 percent reported that their leads were not targeted enough, despite the fact that 70% of these firms typically spend $50 to acquire each lead.

The paper details this and other recent studies, which reveal the enormous bottom-line benefits that online marketing can offer business service providers and the seekers of their services. Marketing and sales managers will find highly practical lead generation strategies and tips explored, including:

  • How to calculate the rate on investment for lead generation
  • Highly effective lead generation strategies
  • The four major benifits of using a lead generation company
  • The four most important criteria of a highly qualified lead
  • Five things a good lead supplier will offer
  • Seven vital questions every marketer should ask when purchasing leads

In short, this new white paper gives marketing and sales managers a clear set of standards and best practices for obtaining quality leads. Plus it imparts objectivity and transparency into the process surrounding the acquisition of superior leads.

InsideUp Inc BBB Business Review
InsideUp Inc BBB Business Review
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