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By: Arlette Measures
Outbound Telemarketing Glossary

Full Time Equivalent (FTE)

The number of full time employees needed to perform a certain amount of work. If the project workload is more than the needed full time staff, part time employees can handle the remaining workload.


It is total number of people that are employed in the call center? Not only the FTEs, but all employed individuals.

Loading Factor

This is also known as 'shrinkage.' They are unavoidable exceptions or planned use of time in addition to the hours spent handling calls. In the long term planning, forecasting, and budgeting process, we may have to take into account all of the following factors: coaching, meetings, paid breaks, scheduling, sickness, training, vacation and more. These hours should be added to the base requirement before arriving at a loaded total requirement.

Loaded Staff Required

The number of agents needed to handle the workload once all loading factors are taken into account.

Manned Over Paid (M/P)

A useful ratio for any call center, 'M over P' is the relationship between hours logged into the phone system to payroll hours. Can be based on your phone staff only or can include payroll hours for all staff involved in the operation of the call center.

Number of Calls Abandoned (NCA)

This is also known simply as Abandons. The number of callers who hang up before their call is answered by an agent or before they make a selection in an IVR. This is
calculated by subtracting NCH from NCO.

Number of Calls Handled (NCH)

This is also known as Contacts. It is the number of calls that actually are handled by an agent or by the IVR system. Different IVR systems will have different definitions of 'handled'. On the agent side, the call is counted if it is answered by an agent. Also it is always less than or equal to NCO. Calculation is done by subtracting NCA from NCO.

Number of Outbound Calls (NOC)

In an inbound call center, a count of the number of calls an agent places to other departments, other agents, or the outside world. Outbound calls are generally made while working on issues related to an incoming call like calling a customer back to let them know an issue is resolved.

Occupancy Rate (OCC)

This is the percentage of their logged-in time that your staff is occupied by calls or post- call work. The total time they are unavailable for another call. The total amount of time they're not idle divided by the total time they are logged into the telephone.

Personal Broadcast

The client or a call center staff member records the desired message and an automatic dialer calls all of the phone numbers in a database supplied by the client and relays the message.

Phone Time

This is also known as the Total Sign-In Time. The total amount of time spent signed in to the phone system.


A pre-announce is a recorded informational or instructional message that is played to people who call in on a client's account. The line is answered by the system and the message is played before routing the call to a live call center agent.


This is a line, A bunch of people waiting, A place for people to line up, like in a tollbooth with a maze of cars waiting to come through. ACDs handle queuing in inbound call centers, keeping incoming calls in order and dispatching them to the first available phone agent.


A count of all sales made in a revenue-generating call center. It can also be called conversions or closes. Other terms may be used in outbound call centers where surveys are performed, and a completed survey is similar to a completed sale.

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