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By: Arlette Measures
Having a Successful Outbound Telemarketing Campaign

An effective script is just the beginning of a successful outbound telemarketing campaign. For telemarketing to make a positive impact to your sales numbers and thus your company's bottom line, the marketing calls must be executed skillfully. The person making the calls must be well versed in the methods of persuasion required to effectively deliver your marketing message.

Yahoo Small Business Advisor recommends developing your calling script and strategies in conjunction with the provider, making sure that the exact methodology is spelled out in detail. Make sure specifics you require such as time of day, number of tries before leaving a message, how to follow up, and any other requirements are very clear - you may want to include them in your contract.

Scripts that require sales reps to push for a sale within the first thirty seconds of the call typically yield dismal results. Prospect lists that are too selective or too inclusive may also produce a less than desirable outcome. Changing the time of day or which day of the week calls are made can also affect the outcome of a campaign. Your outbound telemarketing provider should be flexible and amenable to any changes you suggest.

Choose a Good Outbound Telemarketing Provider to Ensure Success The success of your telemarketing campaigns will depend to a large degree on the call center you use. So it's important to choose a provider whose agents demonstrate a high degree of professionalism and courtesy.

The telemarketing services provider you choose will be representing your company to your clients, so it is vital that you carefully select a company you can rely on. Take the time to compare various providers and choose one who will work with you create a successful outbound telemarketing strategy.

• Choose a company who will have a project manager available to consult with you through every step of your outbound telemarketing program. The project manager will help you to assess results and make any necessary adjustments.

• Make certain your provider is in complete compliance with all state and local Do Not Call regulations. Both the outbound call center and the client is required to register with the FTC. You will need to provide the call center with your SANS number, which you will receive when you from register with the FTC. Compliance with these regulations is extremely important; violations can carry steep fines and penalties. Your provider should check all names against Do Not Call lists.

• Be sure the call center agents are well trained and will present a professional image of your company to your prospective clients. The company should be able to assign the appropriate agent to reach your target customers. Selling business services to a senior executive, for example, will require a higher level of skill and knowledge and should be handled by a more seasoned agent with a high closing ratio.

• Ask to sit in on the call center's training sessions with employees. A reputable outbound telemarketing company should be welcome your involvement in the process of choosing the right sales agents for your company's needs.

• The company should be able to provide accurate lists, an important key to effective outbound telemarketing. A good telemarketing company will be willing to test lists so you can identify the most productive ones for your campaign.

• Ask your prospective telemarketing provider about the type of software they use.

Many companies use predictive dialing software, which enables agents to work more productively during high-volume campaigns, but predictive dialing is not an effective tool for B2B marketing when contacting executives and decision- makers.

• One of the most useful software tools is preview dialing, which allows agents to note details about each call, such as the best time of day to call, or the name of the person you need to contact. The agent will be able to preview these notes before the next attempted call.

Excellent outbound telemarketing involves more than just sales. Agents should be skilled at asking questions, nurturing leads, developing relationships and creating opportunities. One of the best ways to find an outbound telemarketing services that meets the needs of your business is by simultaneously comparing and receiving quotes from various providers. Take advantage of the vendor matching service provided by InsideUp by filling out a simple form describing your company's needs.

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